Haydel Halloween!

We had a fun few days celebrating Halloween!

This was two weeks ago, but we went to Quinn Sieling’s first birthday party and painted pumpkins. The girls loved it!

We had some costume practice over the weekend. I had been priming the girls for weeks, ever since they said what they wanted to be for Halloween. Since the costumes were purchased I didn’t want them to change their minds last-minute and throw things off. More on that later…

Two of Louise’s classmates had their birthday party on Saturday night at the Aquarium in Fair Park. All of the kids dressed up! Louise wanted to wear her skeleton dress instead of a princess costume and Celine opted for Elsa.

About an hour and a half in to the party, Louise turned to Michael and complained that she was tired and cold. Since she usually tries to mask any tiredness, we decided they were done for the night and headed home. Sure enough, Louise developed a fever that is still going strong.

We took a trip to Target on Sunday and I took it as an opportunity to dress the girls up in some Halloween outfits. Celine loved her tutu but was throwing a fit at checkout because she couldn’t push a button.

Monday was HALLOWEEN! We kept Louise home from school since she was still running a fever, and we wanted her to attempt to trick-or-treat at night. I had brought decorations for her classroom so I set that up, and then it was time for the parade. Celine was so pumped and really enjoyed prancing around in her Rapunzel getup.

Then we went home and it was time for trick or treating! My parents, Taylor, and Hillary came over so it was a fun affair. Celine was ready to go as Rapunzel and Mike was Flynn Rider, but the moment she saw me in my Anna costume she demanded she change to be Elsa. So we had two Elsas, an Anna, and Flynn Rider!

This was the first year that both girls were really into it. Celine busted out of the gate with gusto, but petered out after one street. It was so cute seeing her slowly trod back to the wagon after walking up to a house.

They got a lot of loot!

I had bought pajamas that matched their (original) costumes, so we threw those on after winding down. Kept the yarn braids on though. 🙂

…and I did a skeleton mask to end the night!



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