Celine: 2.8

Celine…our sasspot.dsc_0416

This girl is really turning the corner into her “threenager” phase. She has this thing she does where if you tell her no, she starts yelling and throwing. She says “NO! NONONO!” and then you know things are about to get crazy. Sometimes she works herself into such a frenzy that nothing helps – you can’t talk to her, hold her, or even be in the same room as her. She just has to get out all of her emotion and then slowly, she enters back into the world.dsc_0439

At school they said she is quiet, plays happily by herself, and knows all of the things she should know (numbers, letters, colors in French, etc). I had to work to not leave my mouth hanging open because at home, she is definitely not quiet, doesn’t like to play by herself, and has zero interest in reciting things like the alphabet to me. I guess she saves all of that up!

She is very articulate and loves chattering away. She still surprises me with how many songs she knows! She has refined her lip synching style and it’s majorly adorable.

She’s getting excited for Christmas (mainly coasting off of Louise’s excitement). Should be a fun holiday season!


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