North Pole Express

Back in July, I bought some tickets to Grapevine’s North Pole Express because it was highly rated. We went the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was really fun! They definitely know how to entertain the kiddos.img_4865

I asked Celine who we were going to see and she blanked. Louise leaned over and whispered, “say SANTA!”img_4871

We started out by getting on the train. I will say the train ride itself was probably longer than it needed to be, but they were piping in Christmas music so it wasn’t as boring as it could have been.img_4881img_4885img_4899img_4901

This is Celine winking, lol.img_4904

They passed out paper to write a note to Santa saying if you were naughty or nice and what you wanted for Christmas. Louise did a good job of writing her stuff down!img_4888

Mrs. Claus came to give the girls silver bells which was a hit.img_4907

Once we were at the North Pole, we hopped off the train and walked through a winding walkway lined with Christmas trees. They pumped “snow” all along the walkway and the girls lost their minds. They both clapped their hands over their mouths and then shrieked “SNOW!!!!!!”img_4913img_4915img_4921

Errin brought Ethan as well and he was equally excited about the snow.img_4927

We headed into a tent for a little show with elves, and finally Santa made his appearance. Who knew Santa has a Texas accent? šŸ™‚

After the show they gave the girls some chocolate milk and we headed to get their pictures with the big man. Celine was so brave and sat on his lap – afterward she bolted to me with her arms in the air and yelped “I DID IT!!”img_4949img_4947

The girls spotted the carousel so we had to take a spin before heading out. Celine freaked out once it started moving and so I had to hold her the whole time…but the first thing she said after it was over was “I want to go again on the black horse!”img_4940

All in all, it was a great start to Christmas season and the girls definitely had a great time!


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