Official Santa pictures

Although we already had a Santa photo from the North Pole Express, I took the girls to the OFFICIAL NORTHPARK MALL SANTA today for a photo. I have a four-photo frame with three year of NorthPark Santa photos in it and I realllly wanted to fill in the fourth spot!

Usually the lines for your “number” (helps you get to the front of the line once you return to take a pic with Santa) are crazypants, but I showed up at 8:40am for the 9am handout and there were only 26 people in front of me. I was pretty happy about that. The first person got in line at 5:45am which blows my mind!! My friend’s mom showed up at 7:45 and she got #7…so maybe that #1 woman was a bit aggressive with her arrival time.

The girls had a dentist appointment at noon so I was really anxious that we couldn’t get the Santa pic done in time, but we showed up right at 11am and were called into the waiting line. Santa was a little slow to get started, but once he did we breezed through. It took a little more time to wait for the actual photo but we made it to our dentist’s appointment!img_5033img_5040

There was a lot of twirling while we were waiting in lines…including a couple of twirl-offs with other girls in dresses.img_5027img_5029img_5043

And I got my picture frame filled! ❤img_5057

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