The dentist

Yesterday was both Louise and Celine’s first trip to the dentist. I hadn’t brought Louise up until this point for two reasons: I kept forgetting to add her to my dental plan at my old job during the enrollment period, and…well, that’s the main reason.

In any case, we headed over after our visit with Santa! Both girls were cleaned at the same time so I spent most of my time with Celine. I also forgot to take any pics, really, but suffice it to say both Louise and Celine were rock stars. I have never seen Celine be so happily compliant with a stranger. The hygienist kept giggling because Celine was following her requests to a T.12-7-16-dentist-celine-112-7-16-dentist-celine-2

The dentist said we need to curb Celine’s finger sucking habit, and showed me how to gently but firmly hold her fingers and say “no.” As she was demonstrating, Celine’s eyes filled with tears, but she didn’t make a peep and no tears spilled over. However she wasn’t quite as pleased with Michael and me at home that evening when we gently reminded her of what the dentist said.

Louise also did a great job until the fluoride part. She was not a fan of the way it made her mouth feel and dramatically kept her mouth agape for about a half of an hour after the appointment. They both loved the surgical gloves they received in their goody bags.12-7-16-dentist-louise-112-7-16-dentist-louise-2


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