Advent calendars

A few years ago, my mom brought up the idea of making an advent calendar for Louise. We jumped on Pinterest and found a few different ways to execute:12-9-16-advent-1

Ultimately my mom decided to do the flat tree above the numbers. However as each year rolled around, we got closer and closer to December until it was too late to make one. Finally, this year my mom decided to hit the ground running early in fall!

Originally I thought she was going to make one and the girls could play with it at my parent’s house when they were over. However my mom decided to make THREE, one for each grandkid! My mom worked on the three calendars while my grandmother powered through SEVENTY-TWO felt ornaments.

My nephew’s was done a little earlier as my sisters came in town for Thanksgiving, and the girls’ were completed the first week of December. My mom texted me pictures of it and I squealed out loud when I saw them. How awesome are these!!img_0405img_0404

The ornaments my grandmother made are: Cat, gingerbread man, wreath, penguin, owl, bear, Olaf, Christmas tree, heart, reindeer, star, snowman, sheep, bird, candy cane, snowman, ladybug, bell, angel, holly, mitten, Santa, personalized ornament, and a crocheted glitter snowflake for the top.

Needless to say the girls love them. We brought the girls to my parent’s house on Friday to pick them up and eat some dinner.img_5075

The next morning, they put the tenth ornament on the tree! Louise did it first thing upon waking up and then helped Celine with hers after breakfast.img_5090img_5089img_5092

They turned out so wonderfully and I am excited to use these for years to come!


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