Celine: 2.9

Someone is getting her molars!dsc_0412

Celine is such her own person. She has a unique personality, which is that she’s all-in. She’s the happiest, giggliest girl, followed by the loudest, angriest girl. She demands that her feelings be acknowledged but still comes in for snuggles on a fairly regular basis.dsc_0426

Her head is still in the clouds. She has no interest in counting or basically doing any learning-related thing we try to prod out of her. Her teachers say she’s doing really well but she doesn’t bring it home! She also is very free with walking – frequently I have to redirect her because she’s moseying into a wall. She has actually run into the BACK of a door before – like, the side with the hinge on it! She also is into running and we have to constantly remind her to be careful around cars.dsc_0427

Her attachment to me is getting better and she walks into school now, versus forcing me to carry her. She still gets upset when we leave her with our babysitter but I’m happy she’s settling down a bit!


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