Various holiday activities

This was one of our busiest Christmas seasons!

Michael had his holiday party on Friday 12/2 in Fort Worth. My parents kindly took the children overnight so we could have fun and stay the night out there. It was a masquerade theme, and attire varied wildly from uber-formal to jeans. I think we balanced our dress code well!12-7-16-simplifi-112-7-16-simplifi-212-7-16-simplifi-3

We didn’t know everyone there, so during our downtime we Snapchatted a bit.12-7-16-snapchat-112-7-16-snapchat-2

Celine, jumping into the Christmas season with gusto.12-7-16-celine-under-tree12-7-16-celine-and-papa

Louise’s BFF at school, Lily, just got a new baby brother about three weeks ago. Michael and I offered to have her over for an afternoon and evening to give the parents some alone time with their little one. Louise and Lily both had an amazing time together – and Celine, too! They decorated cookies, watched Frozen, and played with all of our toys. On the ride back to Lily’s house, the two girls giggled at each other for about 25 minutes straight. Such sweet friends!img_5015img_5019img_5021

My friend Nat hosts a cookie exchange every year and it keeps getting better and better. My friend Michele posted about it here and it’s a pretty comprehensive post, so if you’re interested head on over to read! My oatmeal creme pies didn’t win any awards but they were pretty tasty, and in any case I couldn’t really improve upon last year’s Samoas.12-7-16-cookie-exchange-112-7-16-cookie-exchange-212-7-16-cookie-exchange-3

This was the second year for my friend Susanne Moore’s ugly Christmas sweater party. Last year I kind of copped out because I didn’t want to buy an “ugly” sweater.img_1578

This year I stepped up my game and handmade Michael and my sweaters. I got the advent calendar idea from my mom but couldn’t really find any DIYs on Pinterest, so I just decided to wing it. 95% of both sweaters were constructed with StitchWitch, and I hot-glued the buttons onto my tree which meant the ornaments kept slipping off. Still, I think they turned out great and definitely fit the “ugly sweater” theme!img_5095

We had a good time and the party patrons drained four magnums of champagne, so I’d say everyone else had a good time too!img_5106img_5105

Everyone votes for the ugliest sweater, and Michael and I won first and second place. Makes up for not winning anything at the cookie exchange! 😉img_5104

Our friends the Thurmans hosted a Christmas party this year with Santa. Tiffany’s dad is a Santa which is so cool! The girls were a little Santa-ed out but the party was still super fun. They had crafts for the kids and lots of yummy food and sweets…not to mention apple cider with Fireball!

This was the hot chocolate and apple cider station. Louise and Celine opted out of the beverage part and just raided the marshmallows and m&ms.img_5108

There were felt trees and wreaths to decorate with stickers, and chalkboard ornaments to chalk up. I’m pretty sure Louise secretly made three wreaths.img_5109img_5107img_5110img_5111

My holiday party was on Friday the 16th in Deep Ellum. It was super fun and I’m pretty sure I had about sixteen glasses of wine…which made for a tough morning! Worth it!img_5149img_5150img_5151img_5152img_5156

I had planned on going to 12 Days at Night with my friends Errin and Carlie and our older kids. Turns out the weather went from 73 to below freezing by around 7pm the night we were going to go so we decided not to do it…brr! I tried to tell Louise and Celine and they basically freaked out, so Michael and I decided to bundle up and head out!img_5168

Mike complained basically the whole time because he didn’t have a hat, gloves, or warm socks (and of course I made fun of him ;)), but other than my face I was pretty good. Same with the girls…their faces got pretty chilly but they had on ski jackets, fleece hats, Ugg boots, and a blanket, so all in all they were pretty cozy.img_5170img_5173

Even with the cold, it was nice to see everything at night all lit up! The girls have a 12 Days of Christmas book and of course know the song so they were into it.

Celine loved it so much she took a little catnap on the way home.img_5190

The girls’ DIS holiday parties: Celine’s was first (Wednesday, December 7th at 9:30am…talk about random!) and Louise’s was the Tuesday before their winter break…but she was sick so she couldn’t go. She’s missed two school parties now!img_5060


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