Christmas in New Orleans

On Thursday we packed up and headed out to Grammy and Grumps house for a fun Christmas in New Orleans! The girls were especially excited to see their cousin Juliette. Louise sort of smothered her with attention and love the whole weekend, and although it was a challenge to manage sometimes, it was really sweet to see how much she loves her. For Juliette’s part, she was extra giving with hugs and kisses to her two Haydel cousins!


We headed out to a lovely dinner at a French bistro. All three girls were well behaved!img_0639_2

The next day the trio of grandgirls played while Michael and I caught a few extra winks.img_0640_2img_0641_2

Then we dressed up (matching dresses, of course) and headed out to the Teddy Bear Tea at the Roosevelt hotel!img_0649_2img_0650_2

I took a picture of Dom and Juliette…img_0652_2

…and she, in turn, took one of me and my girls. No idea what Louise is up to here.img_0651_2

We drank hot chocolate and met Rudolph in between yummy bites!img_5261img_5263img_5355img_0646_2

With tummies full of hot chocolate and cookies, things took a turn for the crazy!img_5307img_5309img_5314

Real life. 🙂img_0645_2

We headed home for naptime and then we had family pics taken. We had to wake up Louise and Celine and the first half hour did not go well as they were super grouchy and cried pretty much nonstop. I finally mentioned the option of opening up a present if they were happy, and they took to that offer like a moth to a flame. Bribery FTWimg_5503

Of course, the moment pictures were done the girls were in great moods and spent the evening scooting around the backyard.img_5335img_5338img_5340

We had dinner at Metairie Country Club and then walked around and looked at the lights. The girls were infatuated with a Christmas tree in a random ballroom.img_5345

The next day was Christmas Eve! We started out the steamy, humid day at Morning Call, eating beignets and rolling around in our scooters.img_5359img_5363img_5369img_5371

We kept it pretty easy and hung around the house, eating snacks and being cute by the Christmas tree.img_5373img_5378img_5392img_0663_2img_0664_2

Since it was so warm outside, we decided to have dinner al fresco on the backyard patio. It was perfect and we kept mentioning how we felt we were in a movie scene or something. A wonderful Christmas Eve!


We decided last minute to decorate cookies for Santa. We stuck that in between dinner and bedtime!img_5419img_5425img_5426

That night was the fastest I’ve ever seen Louise go to sleep. She was running around the house, saw Michael, and shrieked “Santa is coming in five minutes and I don’t know why!” She gave Grammy and Grumps an express kiss and hug goodnight and then threw herself in bed and was asleep in five minutes. If only Santa could come every night!img_5440

The next morning was CHRISTMAS! Dominique called at 8am and everyone was still asleep…my kids apparently haven’t yet received the memo that they get up early out of excitement. Louise creeped out of her room and was so excited to see the big presents Santa left for her and Celine.

Photo opp!img_0666_2

We spent some time in Juliette’s new bounce house.img_0667_2img_0669_2img_5517

Louise and Michael’s cousin’s daughter clicked this year which was nice to see. They’ve been a little territorial in years past so seeing them play happily was great!img_5508img_5501

Celine managed a few selfies with interested parties.img_5505img_0672_2

There were piano breaks and the girls flitted around the house all afternoon taking pictures with their new cameras.img_5511img_5519

And of course…family photos!dsc_0484dsc_0497

Christmas was a success. We spent a little time the next day bouncing around and soaking up our time at Grammy and Grumps’.img_5528img_0678_2img_0679_2img_0680_2img_0681_2

Mike and I went by his cousin’s house to meet his new baby girl!img_5532

Then we sadly headed back to Dallas. Such a fun trip!img_5538


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