January/February goals

Although I made some New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to take them month-by-month in hopes that they would be easier to accomplish. Here’s how January went:

  1. Eat better
    1. Success! Just regular calorie counting, not drinking, and a dash of dark chocolate and Halo Top ice cream.
  2. Exercise 3+ times per week
    1. I was running a bit in December but wasn’t super committed. Now that I have a non-running weight-lifting routine, it’s made it easier for me to work out multiple days per week. I worked out between 4 and 5 times per week in January and it felt great! I have a nagging thing happening in my right leg but it’s not too bad…hoping I can just work through it.
  3. Organize our files
    1. Whenever we get important mail that I need to file, I just toss it on top of our filing cabinet. Once a year, I go through, open all of the mail, and sort it to be filed. It’s an annoying task but getting everything filed and out of the way makes the organization-obsessed part of my brain very happy. Plus I found the prescription card I was complaining Expedia never sent me, so…win-win!
  4. Start Celine crafts
    1. I’ve already started planning Celine’s birthday in mid-March, and there were two specific crafts I wanted to do for her party. One was unicorn headbands, and I finished those mid-January (they are really easy!).
  5. Finalize 2016 photo book
    1. I am FAR from completing this goal, but I put a decent dent in it. I think I’m up to Louise’s birthday, so early May.

I’ve made new goals for February:

  1. Exercise 3+ times per week
    1. Still want to keep this going. My friend Carlie had a resolution last year to run a 5K every month, but it got derailed by her second pregnancy. I think I’m going to co-opt that idea – Michael and I ran the Hypnotic Donut Dash last weekend with the girls in our double stroller and it was a good time!1-31-17-donut-dash-21-31-17-donut-dash-31-31-17-donut-dash
  2. Finish Celine birthday crafts
    1. The other craft I wanted to finish for Celine’s party are mini unicorn pinatas – similar to the pinatas I made for Louise’s first birthday party. They’re a little trickier than what I did for Louise’s party but I think they’re going to be ADORABLE.
  3. Finalize 2016 photo book
    1. I really need to get this done so I can move on to my 2017 photo book and stay up to date with Celine’s year 3 and Louise’s year 5 books. It’s hard to motivate myself but I just have to power through!
  4. Girl room updates
    1. Both Louise and Celine’s closets need a cleaning and clothes-organizing. There are piles of clothes and shoes everywhere I need to put in bins or lend to people!
    2. We need to do a couple of little things to Louise’s room: add box springs to her bed, and re-hang her canopy that fell down.
    3. It’s also time for Celine to move to a big-girl bed! She’s been trying to climb out of her crib which her pediatrician says is the harbinger of change. We have a toddler bed but we’re just going to go for the regular bed. I have an idea of how I want the room to look, but I want to see how the bed we’ve selected looks in the room before I pull the trigger on anything else. The good news is we can finally move the sideboard into the dining room!

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