Celine’s big girl room: inspiration

Now that we are finally ready to transition Celine’s room from a baby room to a kid’s room, I have an idea of how I want it to look. Louise’s room is very colorful – it’s sort of a “bright butterfly” theme with bold patterns in bright pink, yellow, and turquoise. I’m envisioning Celine’s a little more muted and serene, with a dusty blue and pink color scheme and flowers as her main decoration.
The colours in this palette are chosen very good, but they are cold, although it seems very gentle, but at the same time it is quite hard. Cool shade of gr.:

Mrs. Haydel gave us two duvet covers in a dusty blue color which is a good place to start. Here’s my inspiration board – it includes light floral decor, her current gray and white zebra rug, linen fabrics, and wooden accents to warm it up.celine-big-girl-room

I wanted a daybed with a trundle so we could put both girls in Celine’s room if we needed an additional guest bed, and I loved one on Pottery Barn Kids but didn’t pull the trigger because it was crazy expensive and the last thing we bought at PB was delivered damaged TWICE. So we went with another option.

I still have two stumps in our backyard that I need to finish stripping, and I thought it might be a good idea to dip-dye one of them and use as Celine’s nightstand. I like the matte look of the one above which I’m thinking is chalk paint?

I’m trying to get this done before the end of the month (#FebruaryGoals), so hopefully I’ll have a before-after soon!


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