February/March goals

Monthly checkup on how I did for February, and what my goals are for March!

  1. Exercise 3+ times per week
    1. Achieved. My “thing” happening to my leg in January finally turned into full-blown IT Band Syndrome, so I took two weeks off of running but still lifted weights. We didn’t do our monthly 5K because we both caught a 4-day stomach bug…not fun!
  2. Finish Celine birthday crafts
    1. All 15 pinatas are done (mostly…but I’ve earned this). Remind me never to do THAT again!
  3. Finalize 2016 photo book
    1. Ummmmm…
  4. Girl room updates
    1. Closets have been cleaned out and organized! I donated a bunch of baby clothes and things to a friend of a friend, which helped streamline Celine’s closet. Louise’s closet was a mishmash of clothes and shoes she’s outgrown along with linens. The clothes just needed organizing into the appropriate bins and I threw the shoe boxes away.2-22-17-closetimg_6138
    2. Louise’s room is good to go! The box springs really helped stabilize her mattress and she LOVES how it made her bed higher. She feels like an official big girl. Michael re-hung the canopy on a stud so I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I did get rugs for either side of Louise’s bed – they’re not as “sheepskin”-style as I was hoping (kind of more of a bath-mat type feel), but they’re soft and get the job done. Also added is the amazing Christmas present from the Fausak-Perrys, hung on the wall.
    3. Celine’s room has been updated!┬áCeline really likes it and so do I. We took down the quilt and put it on her bed, adding the Degas print and Fausak-Perry Christmas present to the wall.img_6130img_6129

March goals:

  1. Exercise 3+ times per week – really want to keep this going even after physical and illness setbacks.
  2. Back up my computer. I am going to need a new computer soon because my Mac is crapping out, which is a good reminder to back up my photos and files! I think I might try Amazon Cloud Drive for my cloud photo backup.
  3. Freaking 2016 photo book! I have to get this done before April because I have to start on 2017 as well!
  4. Order the shutters for our living room windows and French doors.
  5. Try to find nightstands for our master bedroom (moving ours to Louise’s room)