Celine’s 3rd birthday party

Celine had her third birthday party this weekend at Little Lakewood Salon and Playhouse. All of her classmates came out along with a few additional friends. She had such a good time!

One of the great things about the venue was that they do all of the setup for you and handle table covers, plates/napkins/etc, balloons, and hanging decor. It was so nice to stroll in ten minutes before the party started and see everything already put together. I added a few things I had – unicorn pinatas and headbands, party favors, banner, cake, and balloon runner – and we were ready to go!IMG_6299IMG_6301IMG_6303IMG_6302IMG_6304

Let’s have a close-up on that cake. My mom and Grandma made it and it turned out so amazing!! I bought the horn and ears on Etsy and it finished the whole thing out.

I only took one (terrible) photo of the play area, but it had an indoor tube/gym type thing, dress-up, lots of pretend play, a train table, rockers, etc. It seemed like the kids were pretty excited about their options.IMG_6305

After about an hour, the kids went to the room for snacks and cupcakes!IMG_6306IMG_6337IMG_6333IMG_6334

After snacks, it was time to sing happy birthday! Celine is pretty comfortable being the center of attention. 🙂IMG_6315IMG_6331IMG_6330

Our pretty unicorn princess!IMG_6317

Part of the party included decorating cupcakes, so instead of cutting the cake open, each child got a cupcake, some frosting, and some sprinkles. A few kids (not naming names CELINE) started eating the cupcake before they received the frosting and sprinkles, but there were a few extra so she could start over. The kids had fun decorating the cupcakes!IMG_6319IMG_6323IMG_6325

The kids started gathering up their pinata, balloon, headband, and stuffed unicorn and heading out. The venue owner started cleaning everything up. I looked back in the room and there were two kids left, still decorating their cupcakes…Celine and Louise. Lol.IMG_6329

Usually I feel exhausted after their birthday parties as the adrenaline wears off. This one was so low maintenance that the exhausted feeling didn’t happen. So I guess it was a wildly successful party!


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