Celine’s birthday crafts: mini unicorn pinatas

This is a project I probably should not have decided to do. I did rough calculations and I ended up spending nearly two hours per pinata in construction time…and I made 15! It’s funny because I took a personality test at work and one of the things it said was “Her enthusiasm for a current project can be so compelling that she may be oblivious to any time and energy limitations.” Yuuuup. However, there’s no denying that they’re really cute.

I followed the same process to create the shell of the pinatas as I did for Louise’s first birthday – cut the shapes and sides from leftover cardboard and taped them together with masking tape. I put a fun-sized bag of M&M’s in there. [Time: approx. 25 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-1

This time I painted each unicorn white, since the cellophane wasn’t opaque. They took about 3 coats each depending on the cardboard used – the grapefruit-flavored La Croix cardboard was the most vibrant and needed the most coats. [Time: approx. 5 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-2

Again, following the process from Louise’s 1st birthday party pinatas, I cut the iridescent cellophane into strips and fringed them. I bought a craft razor and self-healing mat which made this process go much more quickly than using scissors. [Time: approx. 10 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-3

Unlike tissue paper, I had to use hot glue instead of tacky glue to affix the fringe to the unicorn because the cellophane was slipperier. It’s more of a stop-and-go process with hot glue, but I got into a rhythm. I made 1-2 per night for a couple of weeks. I totally completed the first one to give me motivation. [Time: approx. 34 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorn-4

After this stage was finally, finally done, I had to make the horns, eyes, and mane/tail fringe. The horns were really easy. [Time: approx. 2 minutes each]3-1-17-horns

The eyes were not as easy. Part of the problem was my razor was dull from all the cellophane cutting, so I got a new blade and tried again. They’re so small!!! [Time: approx. 5 minutes each]3.7.17 Unicorn eyes

Finally I could do the mane and tail. I just fringed some pastel tissue paper and hot glued them to the neck and butt.

Taa-daa!3.7.17 Unicorn

14 miniature unicorn pinatas, ready for deployment.


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