Celine: 3.1

Mike told Celine he was giving her a “bear hug,” which completely blew her mind and also introduced a whole new realm of hug and kiss possibilities. So far we’ve identified the following hugs and kisses: bear, kitty-cat, lion, lizard (that one’s pretty juicy), flamingo, elephant, penguin, and octopus.DSC_0511

She’s still throwing fits like a champion, but Mike and I are working to better manage them. I sort of play into them a bit which only escalates the situation, but if we can distract her long enough for her to take a breath (or take a sip of water), then we know we’re on the path to a calmer Celine.DSC_0517

She has so many opinions about her outfits, it’s hilarious and also so frustrating! She has a preference on what dress she wears for school: the navy jumper, not the gingham dress. That was fine in the winter but now that it’s getting warm again, it can be tough. She also refuses to wear her shorts under her dress, won’t let me put her hair in anything but a little braid at the top, and basically only wears one of two dresses in her off time.


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