We had a pretty laid-back Easter this year. The girls took their sweet time going to bed on Saturday night, so we put their baskets by their doors and headed to bed ourselves.4.19.17 Easter 14.19.17 Easter 2

Easter morning rolled around and Michael and I were up around 7:15. We peeked in on the girls and they were still sleeping, so we lounged around in our bed. We lounged, and lounged…around 8am we decided enough was enough and the kids needed to get up. I went into Louise’s room to wake her up and she was already awake, standing next to her bed, playing with a toy. I said, “Louise, did you see your Easter basket?” Her eyes widened and she did a comical double-take, whipping her head around. She had forgotten it was Easter!

Of course her attention was laser-focused on her basket once she realized it existed, and Celine popped out of her room (with her typical crazy hair) to inspect hers as well.4.19.17 Easter 34.19.17 Easter 44.19.17 Easter 54.19.17 Easter 6

Once their baskets were emptied, we let them loose in the house to fill them back up with eggs. Louise was nice enough to let Celine find a few of her own. 🙂4.19.17 Easter 74.19.17 Easter 84.19.17 Easter 9

Post-egg hunt, we threw on some clothes and headed to Grandma and Papa’s for waffles.4.19.17 Easter 104.19.17 Easter 11

We stayed until about 3pm and then headed home. We were worried Celine fell asleep in the car…turns out she was pranking us all. #sneaky #chocolategoatee4.19.17 Easter 13

Happy Easter!4.19.17 Easter 12