April/May goals

I did NOT do so well in April, unfortunately. Too much other stuff going on!

April goals:

  1. Exercise 3+ times per week.
    1. I didn’t really do this that well. I tried…but I probably averaged more like 2x per week.
  2. Manage travel stress.
    1. Yeah, you could say I did ok at this. I didn’t stress out too much during our Austin trip!
  3. Celine’s photo book.
    1. Noooooope. I don’t think I even finished one page.
  4. Replace air filters in the house
    1. Nope. I’m going to outsource this goal to Mike, I think.
  5. Declutter toys
    1. I’ve started this about a thousand times, but it overwhelms me each time and I never finish. I think I need to find a strategy to tackle – like by room, or by type of toy. I think the first step is goal #6 though, so I have the space to put some toys.
  6. Organize the two hall closets
    1. I’ve finished one closet, but it was mainly just trashing our DVDs (the packing tape from one of our apartment moves was still intact on the top…clearly we don’t need these anymore) and donating Mike’s video games. I still have to go through the toys in the bin that was in there, but now we have a board game/puzzle/big floor activity closet, which is nice!

I can’t really do May goals because things are so busy this month – I doubt I’ll have the time. I still want to do some organization and decluttering, and finish Celine AND Louise’s photo books. So I’ll just keep April’s goals for May and do my best!

May goals:

  1. Not fall completely off the exercise bandwagon.
  2. Celine’s photo book – only five left to do (months 8-12)! I can do it!
  3. Louise’s photo book. This might bleed into June, considering I’m farther behind it than Celine’s.
  4. Declutter toys – specifically, donate all too-young toys and trash the broken/parts-missing ones.
  5. Organize the kids’ hall closet. This includes moving all linens, drapes, pillows, etc to bins in the garage, and adding designated spaces for themed toys (Play-Doh, musical instruments, etc).

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