Louise’s 5th birthday party

The Sunday before Louise’s birthday was her art-themed birthday party! When I first asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted another princess party. I said nope – been there, done that. So then she suggested an art party, which worked for me because it was gender-neutral and activity-focused (and NOT at Pump It Up!!!). I did some research and settled on Kid Art in Snider Plaza. Kid Art recommended a drop-off party since their space was pretty tight, so that’s what we did. There were a few minutes of chaos as kids watched their parents walk away, but overall everyone did a great job and the parents loved a little bit of free time!

The kids all put on their smocks and got to work. They painted wooden picture frames and then applied jewels to it.5.4.17 Party 15.4.17 Party 25.4.17 Party 35.4.17 Party 5

Celine was a little clingy in the beginning, so Mike and I took turns holding her. She was also the only child that was initially pro-beret.5.4.17 Party 4

She finally warmed up to the space, but did not have any interest in crafting. So she did her own thing, stylishly of course.5.4.17 Party 65.4.17 Party 75.4.17 Party 8

Once everyone was done with their picture frame, they drew an owl to fit into it. By then the kids were getting a little antsy, so we busted out the food. We had hot dogs, rainbow Goldfish, and fruit for them to eat, and I made some “paintbrush” Rice Krispie treats along with SusieCakes mini cupcakes and cake for dessert.5.4.17 Party 95.4.17 Party 115.4.17 Party 10

Celine…Ms. Hot Mess Haydel. 🙂5.4.17 Party 12

I REALLY wanted a picture of all of the kids in their berets, but there was zero interest in putting them on. Before we passed out the desserts, I said they had to put on their berets in order to get a cupcake. Worked like a charm.5.4.17 Party 135.4.17 Party 14

Then we all sang happy birthday to Louise!5.4.17 Party 155.4.17 Party 17

Louise had a wonderful time and the party was quite the success!5.4.17 Party 18



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