Louise: 5 years

I was going to say “I can’t believe I have a five year old!” – but…honestly, I can. Louise has grown into such a KID that it would be weird to me to NOT have a five year old. She surprises us every day with her words and actions, with her thoughtfulness and her intelligence. She can still throw a fit (let’s be real) but overall, her composure is impressive. Although I enjoyed Louise as a baby and loved watching her grow, I can confidently say that this phase – the kid phase – seems like it’s going to be amazing.DSC_0518

I’ve also decided that the five year mark is the end of the monthly updates. I’ve really enjoyed doing them for Louise, and I look back on them all the time to remind myself of her development. But as she moves into kindergarten and has fewer big milestones on a frequent basis, I think it’s time to switch to ad-hoc updates and let the official monthly photos and blog post go.DSC_0522


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