May/June goals

May goals: I’m about half and half. I really need to get going on the photo books!!

  1. Not fall completely off the exercise bandwagon.
    1. I guess you could say I haven’t…I’ve worked out about 2x per week, not including our Germany trip. Still not as strong as I was earlier this year.
  2. Celine’s photo book – only five left to do (months 8-12)! I can do it!
    1. I did not do it.
  3. Louise’s photo book. This might bleed into June, considering I’m farther behind it than Celine’s.
    1. Yup…definitely bleeding into June.
  4. Declutter toys – specifically, donate all too-young toys and trash the broken/parts-missing ones.
    1. Hey! I actually did this! I pulled a bunch of infant and younger toddler toys out of their various nooks and crannies and have them boxed up for donation. We also had various bins filled with parts of toys that I just trashed.
  5. Organize the kids’ hall closet. This includes moving all linens, drapes, pillows, etc to bins in the garage, and adding designated spaces for themed toys (Play-Doh, musical instruments, etc).
    1. I didn’t really move the linens, but I DID organize the closet! It’s so much easier for the girls to grab what they want now, and it gives a home to the toys that have a lot of components. I threw away a couple of old pillows and made room for the girls’ 4,291 blankets.IMG_7962

June goals:

  1. Get back on the workout bandwagon
  2. Celine and Louise’s photo books. I only have three more months for Celine so I’m pretty confident I can at least get hers done by the end of the month.
  3. Organize the girls’ art from the past school year. I want to do two things: pare down what I’ve kept to the ones that mean the most and put them in a portfolio box, and scan them in so I can eventually create a photo book with all of their art. (What’s my deal with photo books?)
  4. Put the shower curtain up in the girls’ bathroom. Since we bathe them, we haven’t had a need for a shower curtain. However, I think it’s time that Louise start taking showers at least some of the time, so I want the curtain there for when we’re ready to make that leap!
  5. I have two Mike goals (things I want done but would rather Mike do them): change our air filters and clean our gutters.

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