Celine: 3.8

Oh Celine. What a lady.DSC_0686

She’s started this habit where she wakes up between 3-4am every morning and comes into our bed. We let her stay for 5-10 minutes and then bring her back to her bed. I don’t know how or why this started, but we’re desperate for it to end!! I can’t remember the last time I had a full, un-interrupted night of sleep.DSC_0683

She’s been sick for the past few days and she has really had a tough time coming back into the real world. She’s thrown epic meltdowns every day coming home from school and has passed out early as well. She was falling asleep at 4pm every day when she was sick so I’m sure it’s hard for her to stay awake at school now that she’s back! She still appreciates a good cuddle though, so I’m glad for that.


Friendsgiving in Broken Bow

My friend Nat spent a weekend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma with friends a couple of months ago and liked it so much, suggested we all go with our families for Friendsgiving. I had reservations about the idea – 19 people (including 9 kids) in one house? Eek! – but it ended up being a wonderful weekend!

We headed up after school on Friday and arrived 8pm. The kids ran around for about an hour and then we put them to bed. The grownups had some bonding time and retired to our beds around midnight.img_0637img_0042img_0024

The next day, we woke up and decided to hit up the Folk Festival in the state park. It was a pretty small affair but kept the kids entertained and fed for a few hours, so – win! (Although I think the adults got some indigestion from the fried foods…)img_0006img_0639img_0035

There was a petting zoo that the girls were VERY into. Celine excitedly held a chick but Louise was a bit too apprehensive. They were both happy to pet the goats, pony, rabbits, and pig.img_0640img_0648-1img_0646-1img_0651-1img_0653-1img_0655-1img_0001

They also had a kid’s craft station where they could make bracelets. Celine picked the colors and I did hers, but Louise rocked hers all by herself.img_0658

We were pretty much done after that, so we headed back for nap time while others went mini-golfing and hiking.img_0044

Once everyone was back at the house, we started prepping for Friendsgiving dinner. Colin and Lindsey’s friend smokes brisket and we snagged some of that, along with a bunch of sides. It was super delicious!img_0063img_0061

Thankful for these friends!img_0058img_0052img_0057

Then we had a little birthday celebration with cookies, brownies, and Susanne’s snickerdoodle bundt cake.img_0049

We had some more bonding time while we digested. A few of the kids had some hot tub time.img_0053img_0667


The next morning, the kids bonded some more while the grown ups packed and cleaned up. Jack and Louise in particular had some quality time.img_0678img_0069img_0071

We’re already thinking about doing the same thing next year but adding a day. Plus we’ll have two more kiddos at that time so we can pump our person count over 20! =)

October/November goals

  1. Clean up and organize my bathroom.
    1. Ugh…moving to November.
  2. Clean out and organize craft/storage closet.
    1. I did this early, but I also added shelving in the corner to make that stack of stuff easier to get to.img_0470img_0469
  3. Finish the stump and put it in Celine’s room. ED025794-88A9-4DF7-A74A-46E9838C33F5
  4. Maintain running schedule.
    1. Running…what’s that?
  5. Fotofacial
    1. Did it! The results aren’t crazy dramatic but I definitely like them. A lot of freckles and spots faded or disappeared completely, and my skin tone evened out quite a bit. Here’s a before and after (one week out).429731de-0173-48d8-ad4e-93b046114383

November goals

  1. Clean out and organize my bathroom. Still need to do…
  2. Kickstart working out again. The year-end activities (and work travel) have really started ramping up which contributed to my lack of athleticism in October, but I’m hoping I can sneak in some workout time in November.
  3. Organize the girls’ closet (again). Take out summer stuff and store too-small sizes, and transition to winter gear (and Christmas clothes!).
  4. Knock out more of my 2017 photo book. It’s definitely been neglected lately.

Halloween 2017!

Not even the rain could stop our fun Halloween day!

We had three activities planned for the day: the girls had a parade and party at school, we popped by my work to trick-or-treat, and we did our standard trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with our annual posse of my parents, Taylor, and Hillary.

The girls’ Poppy costumes were quite the hit at school! Louise was briefly concerned that people were laughing at her, but once she realized they were laughing with her we were good to go.img_0474img_0549-3img_0477img_0506img_0522-1

Celine’s primary concern was to get the show on the road so we could go back to her room and eat cupcakes.img_0482img_0485img_0501

The parade was a little overwhelming for both girls, but they were TOTALLY ON BOARD with trick-or-treating at my office. There were stations set up around the office and everyone was very generous with giving the girls the sweets. Celine was also pretty pumped to meet Captain Obvious.img_0512-1

We went home, watched a little TV, and ate dinner while we waited for our group to arrive. Once they did we made some Hot Toddies and headed out around 6:30.img_0523-3img_0527-3

We brought the wagon in case they got tired of walking, but they wanted to get in it after every house. Finally we instituted an “every three house” rule to speed up the process.img_0536-1

The girls were totally into it, going from house to house with gusto. Celine would get candy and then shriek “trick or treat!” as she sprinted back down the walkway. Louise would get offended if the person handing out candy didn’t respond with “you’re welcome” when she said “thank you.” She was sure to point it out to me each time. They’re learning a lot about being good citizens at school and she’s taking it pretty seriously.img_0544-3img_0541-3img_0546-3img_0547-3

We did our standard up-one-street-and-down-the-next path and then retreated back to our house to hand out candy and survey our spoils. Celine was very involved in handing candy out to the trick-or-treaters who came to our door, and always responded with a “trick or treat!” when they said thank you.

Then it was bathtime and bedtime! The girls slept until after 8am this morning which they desperately needed. Success!

All of the pumpkin parties

This weekend was filled with Halloween-themed pumpkin goodness!

Saturday our friends the McDonoughs hosted their pumpkin carving party. We rolled in pumpkinless, but still had a great time. I was honestly exhausted from the night before so I wasn’t much fun, but it’s always good to get quality time with all of the ladies – and the kids had fun roaring around the house!img_1044img_1049img_1046img_1066

There were a lot of outdoor activities and crafts to keep the kids busy in the chilly weather.img_0422

The McDonoughs have this amazing rocking unicorn thing that Celine was completely obsessed with. She’d trail behind whoever was on it and stare them down until they got off and gave her a turn. At one point, Louise was on it and Celine tried to muscle her off, so Nat said “Celine, wait your turn!” Celine proceeded to have a meltdown…and then when Louise finally got off, Celine had the saddest unicorn ride you could imagine.img_0428

We lined the kids up for a photo before we left. With a few exceptions, all of these kids are going to be back together for a weekend in Broken Bow in a couple of weeks! It’s going to be quite the experience =)img_1059

The next day we had a little photo shoot at our front door before a trip to Sam’s in these sweet dresses my mom got for the girls.img_0441img_0458

We had (another) pumpkin decorating party at our house, this time for our little cohort of families who met during Louise’s first year at DIS. It was a pretty easy party to put together since it was a mirror of our party last weekend! Love spending time with this crew.img_4436

While the kids were playing inside, Celine snuck in the backyard and painted everyone’s pumpkins pink. And then proceeded to get annoyed when the kids came out and painted over her pink in another color. Oh Celine =)img_4437img_4429img_4426

Looking forward to the big event tomorrow (crossing fingers the rain doesn’t ruin trick-or-treating)!

Celine’s pumpkin party

As I was thinking back on when Louise was in Pre-K 3, I remembered one mom who invited a bunch of us over with the kids to get to know each other. It was such a nice gesture – and smart, because we’re all still friends! I decided I wanted to do something similar for Celine’s class since there were so many new families joining DIS. Mike and I chose to host a pumpkin decorating party at our house, and our friends whose daughter is in Celine’s class offered to co-host. It was a fun time and especially nice to start getting to know all of the families!

I didn’t want to go overboard with prepping for the party, but of course I did. I bought a thousand flowers at Trader Joe’s (and a few at Central Market) and made a few arrangements to go on each of the tables.7A58DA25-916F-4F62-A4C5-3C4AAB84256E2D7C8375-276C-4447-9107-C12142EBC8F5C59FF1BD-417E-4D35-AA7E-88059396D79C

I already had the big pumpkin from last year’s pumpkin party (see pics here), so I threw that up on the mantel with the pumpkin-filled lanterns I borrowed from my mom. I also had our fun fall decor on our front porch.img_0214

I had some leftover candy melts from Louise’s art party, so I made some monster Rice Krispie treats!B3A24173-33CB-4141-BE3D-1DC03F766F53

I think everyone had a good time, and Celine passed out in a chair at 7pm…so I think it was a success!345C7996-3BB0-4043-B739-3E620AA93545C11B59AD-2DCC-45FD-89F2-90BEAB1D7B47


A couple of weekends ago, Mike and I took a road trip to Austin to go to Austin City Limits music festival. We realized on our ride down that it had been ten years since we were there last!

We were lucky to have VIP tickets, so we dropped our stuff at my brother’s house and headed over on Friday afternoon.113698F9-FB48-4F53-87AF-2A858345E06BBAB3C2EF-9920-4719-AEE2-34EBFA99A70DE62F71E9-902B-47F9-B9D2-6213C86C62D2

We beelined for the VIP section and started sippin’ drinks and eatin’ snacks.EF5C0568-01B8-4814-8007-17B13C9F1AD71DD291A3-AA47-400C-AF0D-464A630D63B548855864-84C9-4C2B-A4DC-3232186B786E

We didn’t really have any bands we were dying to see except Vulpeck and The XX, both of whom were on Friday. It was pretty hot for Vulfpeck!86F529FE-38AB-4F7A-B5B0-3EC76349388C63DA7632-C3B4-4378-90A3-1B0EDF043F12

We retreated back to the VIP area after Vulfpeck to cool down, hydrate…and to get my hair braided because I’m basic like that.00D5C4EA-74BA-4A9B-862D-505F9F0348678043B5A4-C4AE-42C1-8C58-B6FA6B1741CC4E7D9D01-8AF1-46B2-AD17-90678C10E12B

We hit up The XX and then headed back to Rusty’s for the night. My shoes caused some of the gnarliest blisters I’ve ever had, but I did not take any pictures of that because gross.85A9F5F4-2DDF-4569-9D5D-52D42467487D

Saturday Mike and I grabbed breakfast, taped up my pathetic blistered foot, lounged for a couple of hours, and then headed back to ACL to watch the TX/OU game on the screen in the VIP area.185C0659-FFD1-44D7-B94F-6D0D1D4C136B8C02DB58-B48A-4658-A464-B11DEC3965C3

We popped out briefly to watch Chance the Rapper, but pretty much spent the day in the VIP area. We also forgot to eat dinner which made for a rough Sunday morning!EAA9419E-BA82-4553-B1B3-3E3DDEC802473AE1F8BE-D787-4AB1-A31D-CC0A8682F70DC0A97D36-A1CA-4E97-8810-414E586FCF5E

We took Rusty and Jess to brunch and then headed back to Dallas. It was a whirlwind trip but super fun!