Spring Break in New Orleans

The girls’ spring break was last week, and we decided to spend the first half of it in New Orleans. Mike’s sister just finished renovating her house which we were dying to see, and it’s always good to check in with the Louisiana crew every now and again.

We flew in on Saturday afternoon and magically escaped a crazy thunderstorm – other planes were not so lucky. Once we were in town we got right to cousin time!img_1213

It was Mike’s parent’s anniversary so the grownups went out for dinner at Crepe Nanou while the kiddos partied – I mean calmly hung out together.img_1208img_1217img_1215

We tried to get Celine to put her arm around Juliette for a hug but she was clearly not understanding our request. =)img_1216img_1219

…there we go!img_1209

The next day was beautiful, so we hit up Morning Call for beignets and worked off a little of the sugar high at the park.img_2551img_1218

Grumps heated up the pool and hot tub, so even though it was about 58 degrees, the kiddos spent about two hours in the pool. Some family came over and Ross made some delicious (and huge!) crawfish. It was a fun evening.img_2554img_2560img_2567img_2574img_2580img_1221

Monday everyone went back to their regular schedules, so we decided to bring the girls to the French Quarter. They had a great time listening to the street bands, looking at all of the art on Jackson Square, eating (more) beignets, and checking out the ol’ Mississippi.

Mike worked at the Court of Two Sisters in high school so of course Grammy and I forced him to take a pic in front of it with the girls.img_2606img_2611img_2614img_2627img_2631img_2634

Celine that close to waterfront…dangerous.img_2625img_2616

Of course we had more cousin time in the evening!img_1226img_1225

Confirming their love for beignets.img_1229

Louise is divulging some hot gossip about how many beignets her dad can eat in one sitting (spoiler alert: it’s four).img_1230

It’s hard to see who has a special relationship from this photo. Just can’t tell.img_1228

Our flight wasn’t until Tuesday evening, so we made the trip to the Audubon Zoo during the (also gorgeous) day. Celine is truly a zoo lady…she loves it. They both loved the flamingos!img_2643img_2645img_2655img_2660img_2648

There is a peacock that strolls around the zoo grounds that the girls were following and giggling wildly. I couldn’t get my act together for a decent photo but it was a pretty cool sight to see.img_2653

After the zoo, the girls had rest time while Mike and I grabbed lunch at Radosta’s. Just a light lunch for Mike of soft shell crab po boy.img_2665

After both passing out from a food coma, we packed up and headed back to Dallas. It was nice to experience New Orleans proper with the girls, and during such perfect weather – we’re usually in Nola in winter or over the summer. Looking forward to going back when Dom has her baby!


Disney on Ice

Mike and I decided to bring the girls to Disney on Ice for both of their birthday presents. Lucky for us it ended up being pretty entertaining!

I remembered someone telling me to buy tchotchkes on Amazon instead of shelling out $30+ each at the venue, so that’s what I did. The girls each had a light-up Elsa snowflake wand and a light-up Moana necklace. The necklace was the big winner.img_2499img_2517img_2521

Of course this does not mean we didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on snow cones and cotton candy (whoops).img_2525img_2505img_2507

The show was two hours long and I was a little shocked that the girls made it through the whole thing. Disney saved the best for last – Frozen and Moana. I was personally impressed with the Tangled sequence where Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder skated around and then did arial tricks on silks…while still in skates.

That adorable girl behind Mike SCREAMED “Let it Go” while Elsa was singing, while standing up and projecting directly into Mike’s ear. It was pretty funny (for me).img_2512img_2501img_2528

It was a fantastic time and a wonderful birthday present idea!

Easter weekend

We had a busy but not crazy weekend for Easter, which is just how we like things.

We spent most of Saturday outside since the weather was amazing (it always seems like the day before Easter is gorgeous and then Easter is iffy). Mike was doing a bunch of yard work and the girls threw on their bathing suits and jumped around in the sprinklers, stopping only for lunch.img_2384img_2383

Grandma and Papa came by to give the girls their Easter gifts (purses, barrettes, silly toys, socks, and books), and then we headed to Louise’s friend’s birthday party at Urban Air. When we got home we played outside some more, then dyed some eggs!img_2392

I headed to my grandparent’s house for dinner while Mike fed the girls and put them to bed. They went to bed fairly quickly in anticipation for Easter morning, which is good because…

those little turkeys woke up at 4:30am!

We hear excited chattering and crack our eyes open to look at the clock. 4:30am. Seriously, girls?

We let them see what was in their Easter baskets and then demanded they go back to bed until morning.img_2395

I doubt they actually went back to sleep because they were back at it by 6:15am. The sun may not have been up, but we sure were…hunting for eggs!img_2396img_2397img_2398img_2401

That’s the face of a tired parent.img_2403

After the hunt was over and the sun came up, Mike and I took turns napping while the girls watched some Easter shows and went to the park.img_2406

Then we put on our sassy outfits and headed to our friend’s house for a little Easter get-together!img_2411

The girls had a great time playing with their friends and decorating eggs, and Mike and I had fun as well!img_2417img_2418img_2414img_2443

This little goober. Halfway through the party the weather got super chilly, so out came the blankets!img_2453

Then it was time for the hunt!img_2424img_2425img_2432

It took a few minutes for the kids to catch on that the bags were full of goodies too.img_2436

After opening up their loot and socializing for another hour or so, we decided to head home so we could bathe the girls, feed them, and get them in bed early. Celine was on the same page.img_2468

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and the girls had their fill of hardboiled eggs and candy!

Crawfish boil

Having missed out on hosting a crawfish boil last year, Mike and I were excited to have a few families over for some delicious food this past weekend. We kept it small, which is a good thing because the kiddos were crazypants! They also all hit a wall at 8:30pm and turned into monsters.

None of the kids except Quinn actually ate any crawfish, but they were all enthralled with holding them – alive or dead – and talking about them.img_2368

This little man was eating them up!img_2374

Other than Louise’s despair at all of the boys “making a mess” in her room, it was fun to see our friends from different places and stages get together and have a good time. img_2372

Looking forward to next year!img_2370

St Patrick’s Day

Our friends asked if we wanted to act like young, irresponsible twenty-somethings and go to the St Patrick’s Day block party this year. Of course we accepted. Partayyyyyimg_2303

We rolled in and got going. Green beer!img_2309img_2307

Just us and thousands of our closest friends, hanging out.img_2316img_2326img_2323

Tiffany had a bucket of…something.img_2311

We got to dancin’.img_2321img_2328

We left around 4pm and headed home. We’re not feeling super great today but it wasn’t quite as dramatic as it could have been. Fun!