My summer girls

Lots of fun times as we head into summer. Love these girls and their big girl attitudes.



Disney on Ice

Mike and I decided to bring the girls to Disney on Ice for both of their birthday presents. Lucky for us it ended up being pretty entertaining!

I remembered someone telling me to buy tchotchkes on Amazon instead of shelling out $30+ each at the venue, so that’s what I did. The girls each had a light-up Elsa snowflake wand and a light-up Moana necklace. The necklace was the big winner.img_2499img_2517img_2521

Of course this does not mean we didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on snow cones and cotton candy (whoops).img_2525img_2505img_2507

The show was two hours long and I was a little shocked that the girls made it through the whole thing. Disney saved the best for last – Frozen and Moana. I was personally impressed with the Tangled sequence where Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder skated around and then did arial tricks on silks…while still in skates.

That adorable girl behind Mike SCREAMED “Let it Go” while Elsa was singing, while standing up and projecting directly into Mike’s ear. It was pretty funny (for me).img_2512img_2501img_2528

It was a fantastic time and a wonderful birthday present idea!

Celine’s 4th birthday party

Today we headed down to the Perot museum for Celine’s space-themed fourth birthday party! When we asked her a couple of months ago what theme she wanted for her birthday, she floated “space” and “Trolls.” I decided to heavily influence her in the space direction.

I didn’t want to go too crazy with party preparations because I don’t really have the time these days, but I did want to make something. I found a cute and easy jet pack idea and went for it. I used the cheapest water bottles I could find ($0.69, Whole Foods) and made 18 jet packs…which meant Mike and I have been drinking a lot of water!img_2153img_2176

I stuck with the space theme. The pom poms are planets.img_2167img_2172img_2170-2

I did bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes (I like individual desserts better than cake because a room full of 3 and 4 year olds can get rowdy if it takes too long to cut a cake) which the girls decorated with edible metallic stars, and ordered space-themed cookies from Etsy. img_2174img_2163img_2154

The Perot has activities that are related to the theme. They colored space shuttles, we had a “rocket” blast off (that was super loud), they read a space book, and then they did stomp rockets which was the clear winner but of course I got zero photos.img_2175img_2188img_2192img_2178

And then it was time for food and bundtinis!img_2199img_2197img_2194

Love this girl!img_2202img_2201

Celine 3.11

One more month until the big 4!


We had a parent-teacher conference and they said she’s doing a great job and she is excited about participating during French circle time. They also mentioned that she “knows what she wants and goes for it” which is a super nice way of saying stubborn. 🙂DSC_0717

Looking forward to her birthday party and her ACTUAL birthday!

Celine: 3.10

Oh, Celine!


She’s still sneaking a toy in to school every day. It’s become a whole production where she tries to slip a toy in her backpack (sometimes even the night before), we find it and take it out, she tries to get in the car with a toy on her person, we take that away, she cries, she finds a toy in the car to take in, etc. Once she even slipped a full-size Ariel doll in her dress to get by Mike’s patdown.

We’ve adjusted how we parent her since she doesn’t respond to the same types of things as Louise. She likes pushing the envelope but crumbles when caught or confronted. We have to try to distract her while reprimanding her. Quite the feat 🙂