Celine: 3.10

Oh, Celine!


She’s still sneaking a toy in to school every day. It’s become a whole production where she tries to slip a toy in her backpack (sometimes even the night before), we find it and take it out, she tries to get in the car with a toy on her person, we take that away, she cries, she finds a toy in the car to take in, etc. Once she even slipped a full-size Ariel doll in her dress to get by Mike’s patdown.

We’ve adjusted how we parent her since she doesn’t respond to the same types of things as Louise. She likes pushing the envelope but crumbles when caught or confronted. We have to try to distract her while reprimanding her. Quite the feat 🙂


Winter break

The girls get three weeks off from school around Christmas, and the first week flies by with holiday activities and lots of family time. Then we have two extra weeks to fill.

We did a lot of exercising in the frigid weather with the Coco soundtrack on repeat…img_2081img_1497

…frequenting indoor play areas like Play Street Museum and SOAR!…img_1393img_1391img_1420img_1411

…not fully understanding the concept of Hide and Seek but enjoying it anyway…img_1494

…warming our backs by the fire…img_1490

…oh: and getting Strep throat.img_1395img_1398

The girls are back at school today and we’re all happy about it!

New Years Eve bags

The girls have been out of school since the 21st, and even though we still have another week before they go back to school (ugh), we’ve gotten close to exhausting all of our activity options – especially since it’s frigid outside (I’m sorry: 18 degrees??). The day before New Years Eve, I got an idea to make goody bags for a few of our friends and deliver them on NYE. It was a good activity for the girls to help with, and we ended up spending over six hours driving around the metroplex delivering them. I might make it a tradition, because it was really fun to have little catch-ups with our friends while the girls had mini play dates. It also gave us something to do during the day while Mike picked up our house and prepped for dinner, which was great!img_1462-2img_1465-2img_1470-2img_1472-2

Happy New Year!

PS and GS Winter parties

Louise and Celine both had their school holiday parties on the same day. It’s always a cute little affair: they sing songs in English and French (and Spanish and Chinese for Louise), do a little dance, make a craft, and eat a snack. I also take the opportunity to give the teachers and helpers their Christmas presents.

First up was Celine. img_1236-1img_1254-1img_1255-1


She made a snowman craft and completely ignored her snack, except for the blueberry muffin (from which she picked out all of the blueberries).img_1242-1

I went back in the early afternoon for Louise’s party. I was running 10 minutes late and when I walked in the cafeteria, I saw Louise’s face go from disappointed sadness to elation. Talk about mom guilt…now I know I can’t miss any of these things!img_1256

Louise’s snowman craft was a little more intense to put together and pretty much fell apart as soon as the party was over. Good thing she totally forgot about it.img_1249-1

We’re having an issue with our kids smuggling toys and things in to school every day, and on this day Louise’s piece of contraband was a roll of stickers she received from her Aunts Liz and Katie. She had clearly already communicated her prize to her classmates, because they crowded around her after snack time and stuck out their hands for a sticker. Louise with the POWER…I have to say, she yielded it well.img_1251-1img_1252

It made for a crazy day going to their school twice in one day (plus pickup and dropoff), but they were super cute!

Celine: 3.9

It’s so interesting how different Celine’s personality is from Louise’s.DSC_0696

Celine has gotten into a habit of sneaking and lying to us about various things. Her big campaign is to get a toy in to school every day. She will try to sneak it in her backpack while she thinks we’re not looking, or tuck it under her arm and casually get out of the car. She also opened a Christmas present that was sitting under the tree after lying about bringing it into her bed and hiding it under her covers. She definitely tests limits constantly and does things she knows are wrong with minimal remorse.DSC_0695

On the other hand, she has a solid handle on sarcasm and jokes, she is witty and can play along with something for a long time, and has a fierce love for her family (to the point of possessiveness sometimes – I’ve seen her get upset if she sees Louise making a new friend on the playground). Celine is a passionate girl and she goes all in on her current emotion (sounds like someone else I know…). After a meltdown, she’s surprisingly good at recounting what happened and how she was feeling. And she remembers EVERYTHING!DSC_0690

Celine: 3.8

Oh Celine. What a lady.DSC_0686

She’s started this habit where she wakes up between 3-4am every morning and comes into our bed. We let her stay for 5-10 minutes and then bring her back to her bed. I don’t know how or why this started, but we’re desperate for it to end!! I can’t remember the last time I had a full, un-interrupted night of sleep.DSC_0683

She’s been sick for the past few days and she has really had a tough time coming back into the real world. She’s thrown epic meltdowns every day coming home from school and has passed out early as well. She was falling asleep at 4pm every day when she was sick so I’m sure it’s hard for her to stay awake at school now that she’s back! She still appreciates a good cuddle though, so I’m glad for that.

Halloween 2017!

Not even the rain could stop our fun Halloween day!

We had three activities planned for the day: the girls had a parade and party at school, we popped by my work to trick-or-treat, and we did our standard trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with our annual posse of my parents, Taylor, and Hillary.

The girls’ Poppy costumes were quite the hit at school! Louise was briefly concerned that people were laughing at her, but once she realized they were laughing with her we were good to go.img_0474img_0549-3img_0477img_0506img_0522-1

Celine’s primary concern was to get the show on the road so we could go back to her room and eat cupcakes.img_0482img_0485img_0501

The parade was a little overwhelming for both girls, but they were TOTALLY ON BOARD with trick-or-treating at my office. There were stations set up around the office and everyone was very generous with giving the girls the sweets. Celine was also pretty pumped to meet Captain Obvious.img_0512-1

We went home, watched a little TV, and ate dinner while we waited for our group to arrive. Once they did we made some Hot Toddies and headed out around 6:30.img_0523-3img_0527-3

We brought the wagon in case they got tired of walking, but they wanted to get in it after every house. Finally we instituted an “every three house” rule to speed up the process.img_0536-1

The girls were totally into it, going from house to house with gusto. Celine would get candy and then shriek “trick or treat!” as she sprinted back down the walkway. Louise would get offended if the person handing out candy didn’t respond with “you’re welcome” when she said “thank you.” She was sure to point it out to me each time. They’re learning a lot about being good citizens at school and she’s taking it pretty seriously.img_0544-3img_0541-3img_0546-3img_0547-3

We did our standard up-one-street-and-down-the-next path and then retreated back to our house to hand out candy and survey our spoils. Celine was very involved in handing candy out to the trick-or-treaters who came to our door, and always responded with a “trick or treat!” when they said thank you.

Then it was bathtime and bedtime! The girls slept until after 8am this morning which they desperately needed. Success!