Celine: 3.5

Back to school!DSC_0627

We’ve had a fun and crazy summer and I’m glad to be getting back to a schedule. Celine (and Louise) do much better when they’re in school.DSC_0633

Celine was surprisingly interested in a lot of what we saw at Yellowstone which was super cute to see!DSC_0634


Celine: 3.4

Our little chatterbox! Nonstop chitter chatter, stream of consciousness conversation coming from this girl.


She’s been doing very well at summer camp – I think she likes having a little smaller of a class and mixing up the two 2-year old classes from the year. She seems happy and exhausted every time we pick her up at the end of the day – a perfect combination. They also feed her lunch, which is good for us because it means we don’t have to pack a lunch!DSC_0592

I think we’re officially done with nap time. I seem to remember Louise actually sleeping through three years old (that magical year where they both napped at the same time!), but Celine just powers through. She is always up to something – acting out scenes with her toys, “reading” books, etc – and with her older sister to emulate, she just really doesn’t want to waste a moment by sleeping. We still enact “quiet time” but I think the days of napping are beyond us.DSC_0598

She is one tough cookie! She injures herself daily, and I’ve seen some pretty gnarly spills and scrapes, but she seems to brush it off pretty easily. Those tough redheads!DSC_0587


Celine: 3.3

When we got back from Germany, Celine was a little feistier than usual. Her teachers noted that they saw a difference in her when we were gone. I think she was upset with us for leaving and couldn’t quite figure out how to express it. She’s been doing a lot more biting and hair pulling with Louise however, which is not great! She even bit Louise on the CHEEK the other day. Mike and I were both perplexed how Louise even let that happen…DSC_0576

She is growing up so fast but is still a toddler in a lot of ways. When she throws her fits, if you don’t pay attention to her, she’ll accept snuggles and calm down in about 5 minutes. Poor girl is just looking for some attention!DSC_0577

Celine: 3.1

Mike told Celine he was giving her a “bear hug,” which completely blew her mind and also introduced a whole new realm of hug and kiss possibilities. So far we’ve identified the following hugs and kisses: bear, kitty-cat, lion, lizard (that one’s pretty juicy), flamingo, elephant, penguin, and octopus.DSC_0511

She’s still throwing fits like a champion, but Mike and I are working to better manage them. I sort of play into them a bit which only escalates the situation, but if we can distract her long enough for her to take a breath (or take a sip of water), then we know we’re on the path to a calmer Celine.DSC_0517

She has so many opinions about her outfits, it’s hilarious and also so frustrating! She has a preference on what dress she wears for school: the navy jumper, not the gingham dress. That was fine in the winter but now that it’s getting warm again, it can be tough. She also refuses to wear her shorts under her dress, won’t let me put her hair in anything but a little braid at the top, and basically only wears one of two dresses in her off time.

Celine: 3 years

Happy birthday, big girl!DSC_0495

A lot has happened in the past few months. Celine:

  • Is now potty-trained (except at night)
  • Doesn’t put her two fingers in her mouth anymore
  • Sleeps in a big-girl bed
  • Speaks clearly and in complete sentences
  • Is out of the high chair for good, even at restaurants
  • Picks out her own clothes, including panties. She can usually get the panties on but sometimes gets both legs stuck in one hole.
  • Can open doorsDSC_0481

She can throw one epic temper tantrum. She had one last week when she woke up and we couldn’t get out the door for school until 8:50am. I spent about 30 minutes trying to placate, and then ended up forcing her clothes on. We called Mike while he was driving to work which was the only thing that finally calmed her down (he told her a story of a princess who woke up grouchy but put her school clothes on and got in the car). She really works herself into a frenzy! She’s also into throwing to show her anger. Fun fun.DSC_0483

She is shockingly articulate, particularly when detailing why she doesn’t want to do something.¬†She’s also great at summarizing her activities and emotions following an event. “We went to school and I cried. But then I stopped crying and Ms. Cindy read me a story.”DSC_0485

I am only allowed to put a braid in her hair. If I try to give her a pony or pigtails she complains until I take it out. Her hair is still growing and it’s thin and frizzy, so I wish she’d let me do more with it!DSC_0480

Some days she will eat everything put in front of her and more, and some days she won’t touch anything. It’s kind of a feast-or-famine lifestyle. Her #1 favorite food is rice – she would eat two cups of rice for every meal if we let her. She also likes spaghetti, sausage, Goldfish, applesauce, jambalaya, hot dogs, quesadillas, meat loaf, bread, and anything she can dunk in ketchup. We’ve been using M&Ms for bribery purposes and she’s a big fan. She also loves fruit snacks but turns into a monster after eating them so we’ve totally removed them from rotation.DSC_0490

She is seriously committed to dancing and lip-synching. She really puts her heart, soul, and limbs into it. She even mouths the words to her favorite movies and makes exaggerated faces depending on the tone of the scene. My parents gave the girls a karaoke machine for Christmas and it came with a CD with two songs on it, one of them being One Republic’s “Counting Stars.” This is “Celine’s song” and she will put it on and march around in a circle during the entire thing. It’s permanently stuck in Mike and my heads.

We love our headstrong, independent, loving, funny daughter, and we’re excited to see where three takes us!

Celine: 2.11

One more month until we have a three year old! Maybe she’ll be more into taking these photos when she’s three?dsc_0417

Two big things happened this month…Celine is potty-trained, and she now has her big girl bed! The potty training went much more smoothly than with Louise. We tried one weekend, put her in pull-ups for the week at school, tried a second weekend…and then she was in panties at school and that was that. She still has to go #2 in a pull-up, but it’s super easy: she tells us she has to go, we put one on, she goes, we change her, and done. The only…not great…thing is that she has a training potty in her room, and she likes to pull out the bowl and show me that she went potty. Even if I’m in another room. Even if that room is across our house from her bedroom. Even if she spills the contents of the bowl while walking across the house to show me. *sigh*

We’re struggling a bit more with the big girl bed. She sleeps in it and absolutely loves it, so that’s good. The issue is getting her to actually SLEEP at night! Her average bedtime has been around 10:30 and it is negatively affecting everyone. I’m really hoping getting back on a school schedule and not taking marathon afternoon naps will help with this.dsc_0412

Celine is really into clothes now, and typically goes through 4-5 outfit changes per day on the weekends. She’s very opinionated about what she wants to wear – dresses are her #1 choice, always – and has a favorite dress (her “green dress”) that must be clean and available at all times. She frequently puts on her princess dresses as well, and her Rapunzel braid I made out of yarn for her Halloween costume is on its last leg. It’s cute, but she has a lot of clothes in her closet that are neglected!

She can open doors now, which hasn’t really affected anything but thought it was interesting to share. She uses this skill mainly to open her closet door and select a dress to change into.