Celine: 3.10

Oh, Celine!


She’s still sneaking a toy in to school every day. It’s become a whole production where she tries to slip a toy in her backpack (sometimes even the night before), we find it and take it out, she tries to get in the car with a toy on her person, we take that away, she cries, she finds a toy in the car to take in, etc. Once she even slipped a full-size Ariel doll in her dress to get by Mike’s patdown.

We’ve adjusted how we parent her since she doesn’t respond to the same types of things as Louise. She likes pushing the envelope but crumbles when caught or confronted. We have to try to distract her while reprimanding her. Quite the feat 🙂


Celine: 3.9

It’s so interesting how different Celine’s personality is from Louise’s.DSC_0696

Celine has gotten into a habit of sneaking and lying to us about various things. Her big campaign is to get a toy in to school every day. She will try to sneak it in her backpack while she thinks we’re not looking, or tuck it under her arm and casually get out of the car. She also opened a Christmas present that was sitting under the tree after lying about bringing it into her bed and hiding it under her covers. She definitely tests limits constantly and does things she knows are wrong with minimal remorse.DSC_0695

On the other hand, she has a solid handle on sarcasm and jokes, she is witty and can play along with something for a long time, and has a fierce love for her family (to the point of possessiveness sometimes – I’ve seen her get upset if she sees Louise making a new friend on the playground). Celine is a passionate girl and she goes all in on her current emotion (sounds like someone else I know…). After a meltdown, she’s surprisingly good at recounting what happened and how she was feeling. And she remembers EVERYTHING!DSC_0690

Celine: 3.8

Oh Celine. What a lady.DSC_0686

She’s started this habit where she wakes up between 3-4am every morning and comes into our bed. We let her stay for 5-10 minutes and then bring her back to her bed. I don’t know how or why this started, but we’re desperate for it to end!! I can’t remember the last time I had a full, un-interrupted night of sleep.DSC_0683

She’s been sick for the past few days and she has really had a tough time coming back into the real world. She’s thrown epic meltdowns every day coming home from school and has passed out early as well. She was falling asleep at 4pm every day when she was sick so I’m sure it’s hard for her to stay awake at school now that she’s back! She still appreciates a good cuddle though, so I’m glad for that.

Celine: 3.7

Let’s talk about this little booger.DSC_0673

She’s started waking up repeatedly at night, for one of three reasons:

  1. To stand creepily in our room with her hair covering her face until we wake up, see her, and bring her back to her bed
  2. To sneak into our bed and flop around while sleeping until we bring her back to her bed
  3. To sneak into the kitchen and try to steal candy, dessert, butter, salt…anything, really.


She’s also gotten really good at annoying Louise. She knows that if she makes a low, steady squeal while Louise is trying to talk, it drives Louise batty. She also sings enthusiastically at the top of her lungs which Louise can’t stand either. We’re working on coping strategies for the exasperated big sister. =)DSC_0676

Celine: 3.6

Well…I haven’t been the most on top of these photos. The past few months I’ve taken her picture riiiiight before the next month is supposed to be shot. My only excuse is that the chair is now in our garage so it’s slightly more difficult to actually take the photo. But without Louise taking her monthly picture as well, mainly it’s just that I’m lazy.DSC_0647

She has been so hysterical lately. She has a sharp sense of humor and uses it frequently with us. She also starts sentences without knowing all of the words she needs, so she’ll look at us and gesture faintly while we guess what word she needs. “Mom, where’s my…my…my…” “Uh, pink dress?” “NO! My…my…my…” and so on.

Celine: 3.4

Our little chatterbox! Nonstop chitter chatter, stream of consciousness conversation coming from this girl.


She’s been doing very well at summer camp – I think she likes having a little smaller of a class and mixing up the two 2-year old classes from the year. She seems happy and exhausted every time we pick her up at the end of the day – a perfect combination. They also feed her lunch, which is good for us because it means we don’t have to pack a lunch!DSC_0592

I think we’re officially done with nap time. I seem to remember Louise actually sleeping through three years old (that magical year where they both napped at the same time!), but Celine just powers through. She is always up to something – acting out scenes with her toys, “reading” books, etc – and with her older sister to emulate, she just really doesn’t want to waste a moment by sleeping. We still enact “quiet time” but I think the days of napping are beyond us.DSC_0598

She is one tough cookie! She injures herself daily, and I’ve seen some pretty gnarly spills and scrapes, but she seems to brush it off pretty easily. Those tough redheads!DSC_0587