Celine’s birthday crafts: mini unicorn pinatas

This is a project I probably should not have decided to do. I did rough calculations and I ended up spending nearly two hours per pinata in construction time…and I made 15! It’s funny because I took a personality test at work and one of the things it said was “Her enthusiasm for a current project can be so compelling that she may be oblivious to any time and energy limitations.” Yuuuup. However, there’s no denying that they’re really cute.

I followed the same process to create the shell of the pinatas as I did for Louise’s first birthday – cut the shapes and sides from leftover cardboard and taped them together with masking tape. I put a fun-sized bag of M&M’s in there. [Time: approx. 25 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-1

This time I painted each unicorn white, since the cellophane wasn’t opaque. They took about 3 coats each depending on the cardboard used – the grapefruit-flavored La Croix cardboard was the most vibrant and needed the most coats. [Time: approx. 5 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-2

Again, following the process from Louise’s 1st birthday party pinatas, I cut the iridescent cellophane into strips and fringed them. I bought a craft razor andĀ self-healing mat which made this process go much more quickly than using scissors. [Time: approx. 10 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorns-3

Unlike tissue paper, I had to use hot glue instead of tacky glue to affix the fringe to the unicorn because the cellophane was slipperier. It’s more of a stop-and-go process with hot glue, but I got into a rhythm. I made 1-2 per night for a couple of weeks. I totally completed the first one to give me motivation. [Time: approx. 34 minutes each]3-1-17-unicorn-4

After this stage was finally, finally done, I had to make the horns, eyes, and mane/tail fringe. The horns were really easy. [Time: approx. 2 minutes each]3-1-17-horns

The eyes were not as easy. Part of the problem was my razor was dull from all the cellophane cutting, so I got a new blade and tried again. They’re so small!!! [Time: approx. 5 minutes each]3.7.17 Unicorn eyes

Finally I could do the mane and tail. I just fringed some pastel tissue paper and hot glued them to the neck and butt.

Taa-daa!3.7.17 Unicorn

14 miniature unicorn pinatas, ready for deployment.


Celine’s birthday crafts: unicorn horns

Once I settled on a unicorn party for Celine, I knew I wanted to make unicorn horns for the kids. After checking Pinterest, it seemed like an easy enough craft, and it ended up costing less than $30 total for all of them. I bought a bunch of felt at Jo-Ann and headbands off of Amazon and got to work!

First, I had to construct the horns. I had leftover poly stuffing from Michael’s Halloween costume in 2015 so I used that to fill them. I cut out the shape, rolled it up, hot glued the end, stuffed the horn, and hot glued the felt circle to the bottom to seal it all up. I made mostly white horns but made some black ones as well for the boys. Luckily Michael was binge-watching all five seasons of Homeland to catch up before the current season so I could half pay attention to catch up while making these.3-1-17-horn-1

I then wrapped gold cord around the horn and hot glued it to the headband. After cutting out the ear shapes, I hot glued those to the headband as well.3-1-17-horn-2

Then it was time to make the felt flowers. I found a few different styles on Pinterest and got to cutting. I ended up using 2-3 sheets of felt per color, which made for a lot of flowers.3-1-17-felt-13-1-17-felt-23-1-17-felt-3

I arranged the felt flowers in groupings I thought would work on the headbands and started gluing.3-1-17-felt-4

I didn’t really think about it, but the flowers ideally needed to sit completely above the headband so they wouldn’t hit your head and prevent the headband from lying flat. Oh well…I think they look great!3-1-17-final-horn

For the boys I just cut out star shapes in blues and hot glued them on. Also very cute!