Louise’s kindergarten graduation

We have ourselves a graduate!img_3425

…of kindergarten!img_3427

I think a lot of schools have kinder graduations, but the girls’ school separates “Maternelle” (all the Pre-K’s up and through Kindergarten) from “Primary” (1st-4th grade), so they have a graduation for all of the kids headed up to first grade in the fall. It was a full ceremony with commencement speeches, songs in multiple languages, etc. and it was super cute. Louise was so proud and so were we!!

First things first: I curled Louise’s hair in preparation. Her hair is so slippery that even with a ton of hairspray, it didn’t last.img_3385

Class of 2030 graduates!img_3389img_3430img_3402

Grandma came to celebrate as well.img_3426

And we snagged a pic with the bff. Louise gave us puppy dog eyes and whispered, “did you bring me flowers too?” #parentingfailimg_3428

It was the last day of school, so following the ceremony we picked up little sis and headed to lunch. Proud of my newly minted Pre-K and 1st graders!img_3414


Louise’s circus recital

Once again, Louise had a circus recital where she killed it!

She had a rehearsal a few days prior. You can see she was excited with her performance.img_3016

Saturday rolled around and we showed up a bit early for hair and makeup.img_3073img_3075img_3077

There was some down time where Louise hung out with her friends.img_3082img_3080

Then it was time to go! Louise was so confident and did a great job. It was so wonderful to see her in her element. She pushed her way to the front to pose (“style”) at the end which was pretty funny.img_3095img_3099

After the show, she rolled out to receive praise, accolades, and flowers from her family.img_3118img_3115img_3105

Her little sister was a little jealous of all the attention…img_3107img_3101

…until Louise offered her the tutu. Things got better from there!img_3119img_3127

Louise changed out of her costume, did a little styling on the stage, and then we headed out for a celebratory (early) dinner!img_3129img_3130

Louise’s sixth birthday

Louise turned 6 over the weekend and we had a Coco-themed party to celebrate!

She had a preschool music performance Friday morning, the day of her actual birthday. She didn’t tell us but she had a duet with her friend Vivi. She did great!img_2868

We went to Mariano’s as usual, and Louise got the star treatment!img_2872

Saturday was party day! Louise’s party request was to have a few friends over and watch Coco. I added in a few decorations, some crafts the kids could do, and a face painter, along with our bounce house.img_2878img_2879img_2877img_2876img_2908

Louise had a fantastic time!img_2883img_2880img_2886img_2893img_2890img_2899img_2894img_2905

The kiddos decorated picture frames and we printed the photos of them with Louise to put in the frames and take home.img_2897

And then we watched the movie!img_2907img_2906

Happy birthday Louise!img_2909

Disney on Ice

Mike and I decided to bring the girls to Disney on Ice for both of their birthday presents. Lucky for us it ended up being pretty entertaining!

I remembered someone telling me to buy tchotchkes on Amazon instead of shelling out $30+ each at the venue, so that’s what I did. The girls each had a light-up Elsa snowflake wand and a light-up Moana necklace. The necklace was the big winner.img_2499img_2517img_2521

Of course this does not mean we didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on snow cones and cotton candy (whoops).img_2525img_2505img_2507

The show was two hours long and I was a little shocked that the girls made it through the whole thing. Disney saved the best for last – Frozen and Moana. I was personally impressed with the Tangled sequence where Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder skated around and then did arial tricks on silks…while still in skates.

That adorable girl behind Mike SCREAMED “Let it Go” while Elsa was singing, while standing up and projecting directly into Mike’s ear. It was pretty funny (for me).img_2512img_2501img_2528

It was a fantastic time and a wonderful birthday present idea!

Winter break

The girls get three weeks off from school around Christmas, and the first week flies by with holiday activities and lots of family time. Then we have two extra weeks to fill.

We did a lot of exercising in the frigid weather with the Coco soundtrack on repeat…img_2081img_1497

…frequenting indoor play areas like Play Street Museum and SOAR!…img_1393img_1391img_1420img_1411

…not fully understanding the concept of Hide and Seek but enjoying it anyway…img_1494

…warming our backs by the fire…img_1490

…oh: and getting Strep throat.img_1395img_1398

The girls are back at school today and we’re all happy about it!