Louise’s big girl room update, part II

There were a few things we wanted to update in Louise’s room as of last fall, which were:

  • Put box springs under her mattress
  • Move our mirrored nightstands to her room
  • Get a couple of sheepskin rugs for the sides of her bed

I’m happy that we’ve completed everything except the nightstands! Moving those into her room is contingent on when I can find new nightstands for the master bedroom, and I’m not sure how long that’s going to take.img_6133img_6134

This room should work for her for a good while. I’m thinking the only other major thing we’ll do in 5-7 years is exchange the canopy for a desk.

Celine’s big girl room

We’ve completed Celine’s big girl room! For reference, here’s what it looked like before the transition:2-21-17-celine-nursery-12-21-17-celine-nursery-2

And here’s what it looks like after!img_6092img_6094img_6093

Bed: Wayfair
Bed bumper: Bed Buddy
Duvet cover: Libeco (gift from Grammy)
Canopy: Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Dresser: IKEA
Flower knobs: Land of Nod
Rug: West Elm (already had)
Tent: Gift from Michael’s aunt
Cushions in tent; stool: HomeGoods
Dresser lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Target (already had)

The only thing left is for me to finish stripping the bark from one of our stumps and paint part of it pink with chalk paint. I’m thinking that will serve as her nightstand, so we’ll have to get a light for it as well.

Celine loves her room and so do I!2-20-17-celine-in-bed2-20-17-celine-in-tent

Celine’s big girl room: inspiration

Now that we are finally ready to transition Celine’s room from a baby room to a kid’s room, I have an idea of how I want it to look. Louise’s room is very colorful – it’s sort of a “bright butterfly” theme with bold patterns in bright pink, yellow, and turquoise. I’m envisioning Celine’s a little more muted and serene, with a dusty blue and pink color scheme and flowers as her main decoration.
The colours in this palette are chosen very good, but they are cold, although it seems very gentle, but at the same time it is quite hard. Cool shade of gr.:

Mrs. Haydel gave us two duvet covers in a dusty blue color which is a good place to start. Here’s my inspiration board – it includes light floral decor, her current gray and white zebra rug, linen fabrics, and wooden accents to warm it up.celine-big-girl-room

I wanted a daybed with a trundle so we could put both girls in Celine’s room if we needed an additional guest bed, and I loved one on Pottery Barn Kids but didn’t pull the trigger because it was crazy expensive and the last thing we bought at PB was delivered damaged TWICE. So we went with another option.

I still have two stumps in our backyard that I need to finish stripping, and I thought it might be a good idea to dip-dye one of them and use as Celine’s nightstand. I like the matte look of the one above which I’m thinking is chalk paint?

I’m trying to get this done before the end of the month (#FebruaryGoals), so hopefully I’ll have a before-after soon!

Louise’s big girl room update

There were a couple of things I have been wanting to update/adjust in Louise’s room, and finally did them. So here we are!

First, I framed the Britt Bass prints. At first I ordered frames I thought held 8×10’s matted, but they were really 8×10 frames that held 5×7 matted images. I was bummed and did not like the way the prints looked without matting, so I finally sucked it up and re-ordered frames that were 11×14 with 8×10 matting. I think it was worth it!

I also transformed her book nook into a dress-up corner. We moved the book nook to Celine’s room and put the dress-up rotating stand Grandma and Papa got her for Christmas in that corner, and used the bar I had a quilt hanging from to hang her favorite princess dresses. Since she has a bookcase on the other side of her room, removing the book nook didn’t reduce her reading!

Finally, I put a pinboard above her dresser. There wasn’t really anything going on there and I’d been just throwing her school stuff in a drawer in the living room, so I thought it would be nice to highlight a few things she’s been working on.

Her room is aaaaalmost done. I have just a few things I’d like to add before moving on to putting together Celine’s big girl room:

  • Put box springs under her mattress. I left that part out intentionally to keep the bed low to the ground, but now that she’s comfortable with the setup I’m going to prop it up a bit.
  • Move our mirrored nightstands to her room. They have turquoise knobs and go with the overall vibe of her room.
  • Get a couple of sheepskin rugs for the sides of her bed.

House needs: update

One year ago, I listed out the things I felt we needed for the house. They were:

Dresser for Louise
Some kind of bookcase for the den
A mantle
Gas logs and a screen for the fireplace
A console for the den that doesn’t cover the vents but has storage (right now we just have a long table)
An updated piece of furniture for under the TV in the living room
A bench for our bedroom
A headboard for the guest bed
Update the garage

The good news is the list now looks like this:

Dresser for Louise
Some kind of bookcase for the den
A mantle
Gas logs and a screen for the fireplace
A console for the den that doesn’t cover the vents but has storage (right now we just have a long table)
An updated piece of furniture for under the TV in the living room
A bench for our bedroom
A headboard for the guest bed (really a guest room makeover)
Update the garage

We’ve made more progress than I really thought we did which is awesome. What I’d like to see in the next six months – or at least, before next holiday season – are the gas logs. Once we get a few extra pennies we’ll throw them that way I think. Shutters might have to wait until next year, and the den console is a project that is being worked on.

After that list is complete, I can start a new list! First on that one are new doors!

Garage reno

The garage was the last room of our house that we hadn’t touched since we moved in. It was kind of a mess…there was:

  • Wooden shelving that a previous owner had built, poorly
  • One florescent light right in the middle
  • A random shed in the corner that we were worried was a spider den or something
  • Lots of welding plugs and stuff
  • The old fuse box still in the wall
  • Holes in the drywall


Mike and I spent one weekend cleaning it up and moving almost everything into our dining room to prep for demo.

We were planning on doing the demo ourselves and then hiring our contractor to do all of the electric work (removing the old fuse box, putting a plug in the ceiling next to the garage door opener, and removing the huge welding plugs) and the drywall patching and painting. However, he quoted us a great price on demo too – I think he didn’t want us attempting it and making things worse, lol. So the first week of January he came out and did it all. Other than the last coat of paint, they finished in about four days. It was amazing and we loved how much it changed the garage.

The painter thought he was going to finish in three days, but our drywall was old and the paint was yellowing. So he had to come back the next day with mega thick paint to finish the job. This is what it looked like after the first painting attempt.
IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0075

And this is the garage with the thicker paint.

Now that our garage did not look like a rat’s nest, Michael really wanted to clean up the floor before we put everything back in. We debated an epoxy floor but we just didn’t need it. So he bought some concrete cleaner and fixed it up niiiiice.

Then it was time to move everything back in! Just in time for our Valentine’s Day party (yes, we are having a Valentine’s Day party). We’re bought metal rolling shelves which are amazing because we can just scootch them all in the corner. We need one more and then I think we’re good for now.

Our last to-do for the garage is to build a mini mud-area to the left of the door. Probably just bins and some hooks or something.

House Updates

We’ve been slowly making a few small updates around the house.

My grandmother and mom made us curtains from some linen Mrs. Haydel gave us. I really like how it makes the room look! We adjusted the curtain rod a bit after this photo because the right side was slightly lower.

We finally had our dining room light hung. I’m excited for when I can move the sideboard from Celine’s room into this room. I am thinking probably by this time next year (it’s currently our changing table). I’m also on the lookout for fabric to use for curtains in here, but I’m being really specific about what I want, so…we’ll see.

And we finally got a mantel! We wanted something pretty low-profile and our contractor gave us the name of a website to check out: Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. Now I have to figure out how to decorate a mantel…oh and get the fireplace to a usable condition. #details
12.10.15 Mantel