Kitchen knob upgrade

Along with  the guest bathroom update, we made a little change to our kitchen as well. I’ve been wanting some kind of upgrade to our kitchen knobs but was being really indecisive in what I wanted. I liked the low profile our wooden knobs provided so dark colors were out, and I didn’t think a more modern handle and/or knob would fit with the style of our house. My sister in law mentioned the option of unlacquered brass, which really caught my eye when I investigated. I bought a few knobs and aged them with brass ager to see if they would work and both Mike and I liked the look. So we went for it!

First I had to age 52 knobs. You can see how they came – super bright and smooth – and what they look like after I dipped them in the brass ager for about ten seconds (very dark). Finally, I passed over them with some steel wool to get the final product.img_2993img_2995img_2994

We screwed them in to our cabinets and stood back to admire our work.img_3021img_3019

I think it elevates our kitchen a bit without going crazy. Another house update: check!


Guest bathroom update

Ever since we put in the concrete tile in the guest bathroom (aka, ever since we moved into our house), I’ve been toying with the idea of pulling one of the colors from the tiles on the walls. Originally I wanted the dark navy, but with the size of the room I figured the green color would be better. Plus it looks like this Farrow & Ball color that I love.

I also wanted to update the mirror (it’s just a glued-on regular old mirror at this point) but hadn’t found anything that struck me.

Back in February, I was wandering through the antique mall by my house and found a mirror on mega-sale. I really liked the frame and the antique-looking mirror, and the price was unbeatable. So I snagged it.img_2094

I had measured it, but I put it up when I got home to ensure it would fit. It did!img_2105

This past weekend I decided to bite the bullet and get this mini bathroom refresh done. I brought a tile to Home Depot so they could match the paint (I’m so enthralled with that process. It’s MAGICAL) and got to work. First I had to pry off the old mirror. I did some YouTubing and decided to put clear tape across the front and a tarp down (in case it shattered), then use the back of a hammer to slowly work the mirror off of the wall. I used paint dip sticks to wedge in the sides, and like magic, the mirror slowly popped off. It was glued in six places and ripped a bit of drywall off, but I was pretty impressed with how easy that task was.img_2957

Emboldened, I hung the mirror just to see what it would look like. Definitely confirmed the need for paint…not a fan of the ivory frame with the white walls!img_2958

After the girls went to bed, I taped up the room…and had a glass of wine.img_2960img_2959

Then I got to work! As I started, I realized that I haven’t painted a wall since college. It definitely worked out my arm muscles.

I started with the edging, which turned into entire wall coverage for most of the walls around the toilet since they were so small. I had a Magic Eraser on hand for any goofs, which was helpful, although I think we’ll have to touch up the ceiling because we did get a few green dollops up there.img_2991

Mike came in when I was nearly done with the first round of edging and rolled. I edged the second coat and then called it a night – it was about 1am. The next morning Mike rolled the second coat, then we both cleaned things up. We hung the mirror back up and called it a win!img_2983img_2980

Louise wanted to be the star of this show.img_2979

It’s not the most professional paint job, but it looks pretty good and I’m very pleased with the turnout. I am on the lookout for an updated light above the mirror now because obviously projects never end.

A nice little house update over a weekend…not too shabby!

Stump, Part II

I FINALLY finished the second of three stumps I nabbed from our neighborhood bulk trash pickup three years ago! I had a vision for one of them to be Celine’s nightstand, with some matte pink chalk paint on the bottom portion of the stump. I procrastinated like crazy in getting the bark off, but with some help from Dr. Haydel, I finally finished that part about 6 months ago. Then I procrastinated on sanding it because my dad kept hinting that maybe I should plane it first – it was pretty off-kilter. When my brother Rusty was in town one weekend, I brought the stump over and asked them to plane it. Rusty is pretty awesome at all things wood-related and my dad already knew how he wanted to plane it.

Once I got the stump back from my parent’s house, I sanded the sides to make it smooth and splinter-free. Then I taped off the bottom third and painted it with some matte pink chalk paint. The chalk paint dried in about 10-20 minutes, so once I finally completed that task, it was ready to deploy.

I found a cute little nightlight at Target and put that on top. Celine took one look at her new stump and nightlight and declared that she was ready to go to bed. WIN!ED025794-88A9-4DF7-A74A-46E9838C33F5F67E1277-7052-4B51-A95F-73F0358D298A93AF8661-9479-41B4-BB88-C39B76B8237C

Nietzsche had to inspect it, however.561EA738-B4FB-4B96-ADBE-22A02CC7332D

House needs: 2017 Update

We’ve been a little slower in making our house updates, but the last couple of pieces have had a big impact in our living room! We had an odyssey trying to set up our fireplace, but after a contractor and plumber visit to turn on the gas line, and incorrect gas logs shipped and returned, we finally have our fireplace set up with gas logs (donated from our next door neighbor) and our screen!

We also finally ordered shutters for the two windows and french door windows in our living room. I love the way they look – it “finishes” the room for me.6.5.17 Shutters 16.5.17 Shutters 26.5.17 Shutters 3

These two updates make last year’s house needs list look like this:

Dresser for Louise
Some kind of bookcase for the den
A mantle
Gas logs and a screen for the fireplace
A console for the den that doesn’t cover the vents but has storage
An updated piece of furniture for under the TV in the living room
A bench for our bedroom
A headboard for the guest bed (really a guest room makeover)
Update the garage

Not bad, I’d say! I have added to the list since then, of course:

Big-girl room update for Celine
Desk for Michael
Desk chair for Michael
Roman shades for the French doors in the master and guest bedrooms
Roman shade for window over the sink
Windows for the four big square ones
Shutters for the four big square ones
Solid-core doors

Louise’s big girl room update, part II

There were a few things we wanted to update in Louise’s room as of last fall, which were:

  • Put box springs under her mattress
  • Move our mirrored nightstands to her room
  • Get a couple of sheepskin rugs for the sides of her bed

I’m happy that we’ve completed everything except the nightstands! Moving those into her room is contingent on when I can find new nightstands for the master bedroom, and I’m not sure how long that’s going to take.img_6133img_6134

This room should work for her for a good while. I’m thinking the only other major thing we’ll do in 5-7 years is exchange the canopy for a desk.

Celine’s big girl room

We’ve completed Celine’s big girl room! For reference, here’s what it looked like before the transition:2-21-17-celine-nursery-12-21-17-celine-nursery-2

And here’s what it looks like after!img_6092img_6094img_6093

Bed: Wayfair
Bed bumper: Bed Buddy
Duvet cover: Libeco (gift from Grammy)
Canopy: Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Dresser: IKEA
Flower knobs: Land of Nod
Rug: West Elm (already had)
Tent: Gift from Michael’s aunt
Cushions in tent; stool: HomeGoods
Dresser lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Target (already had)

The only thing left is for me to finish stripping the bark from one of our stumps and paint part of it pink with chalk paint. I’m thinking that will serve as her nightstand, so we’ll have to get a light for it as well.

Celine loves her room and so do I!2-20-17-celine-in-bed2-20-17-celine-in-tent

Celine’s big girl room: inspiration

Now that we are finally ready to transition Celine’s room from a baby room to a kid’s room, I have an idea of how I want it to look. Louise’s room is very colorful – it’s sort of a “bright butterfly” theme with bold patterns in bright pink, yellow, and turquoise. I’m envisioning Celine’s a little more muted and serene, with a dusty blue and pink color scheme and flowers as her main decoration.
The colours in this palette are chosen very good, but they are cold, although it seems very gentle, but at the same time it is quite hard. Cool shade of gr.:

Mrs. Haydel gave us two duvet covers in a dusty blue color which is a good place to start. Here’s my inspiration board – it includes light floral decor, her current gray and white zebra rug, linen fabrics, and wooden accents to warm it up.celine-big-girl-room

I wanted a daybed with a trundle so we could put both girls in Celine’s room if we needed an additional guest bed, and I loved one on Pottery Barn Kids but didn’t pull the trigger because it was crazy expensive and the last thing we bought at PB was delivered damaged TWICE. So we went with another option.

I still have two stumps in our backyard that I need to finish stripping, and I thought it might be a good idea to dip-dye one of them and use as Celine’s nightstand. I like the matte look of the one above which I’m thinking is chalk paint?

I’m trying to get this done before the end of the month (#FebruaryGoals), so hopefully I’ll have a before-after soon!