Celine’s big girl room

We’ve completed Celine’s big girl room! For reference, here’s what it looked like before the transition:2-21-17-celine-nursery-12-21-17-celine-nursery-2

And here’s what it looks like after!img_6092img_6094img_6093

Bed: Wayfair
Bed bumper: Bed Buddy
Duvet cover: Libeco (gift from Grammy)
Canopy: Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Dresser: IKEA
Flower knobs: Land of Nod
Rug: West Elm (already had)
Tent: Gift from Michael’s aunt
Cushions in tent; stool: HomeGoods
Dresser lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Target (already had)

The only thing left is for me to finish stripping the bark from one of our stumps and paint part of it pink with chalk paint. I’m thinking that will serve as her nightstand, so we’ll have to get a light for it as well.

Celine loves her room and so do I!2-20-17-celine-in-bed2-20-17-celine-in-tent

Winter break

Along with a Spring Break (that occurs in April), the girls get a Fall Break and Winter Break from school. This past week was their Winter Break and the whole family banded together to have a fun time with the girls!

First things first…they both needed hair trims. I took Celine after school on Thursday and Louise on Saturday. Their hair definitely looks better – and Louise’s has far less tangles now!2-20-17-celine-haircut2-20-17-louise-haircut-celine2-20-17-louise-haircut

Grammy and Grumps arrived in Dallas on Saturday evening and came over Sunday morning for some fun. They babysat the girls on Monday and Tuesday while Mike and I went to work. Monday was the Perot museum…I think they had a good time!2-20-17-perot-12-20-17-perot-2

Tuesday they traveled out to Grapevine Mills mall and hit up Build-a-Bear, the Rainforest Cafe, and the carousel. I think Celine was a little overwhelmed at the Rainforest Cafe and came home with a story about how the gorillas were scary. But Louise loved it!2-20-17-grapevine-mills-12-20-17-grapevine-mills-2

Wednesday was Grandmas turn to hang out with the girls. She stayed at our house for the day.2-20-17-grandma

The girls spent the night at their house on Thursday night which was great for Mike and me, and then my parents dropped them off around noon on Friday.

Saturday was shaping up to be a beautiful day so we decided to hit up the Arboretum. When we got there we discovered the Children’s Garden doesn’t open for another week, but we still had fun walking around, eating our lunch, and dancing to music.2-20-17-arboretum-12-20-17-arboretum-22-20-17-arboretum-3

I was taking Celine to the restroom when I heard an older couple say, “looks like we’ve got a dancer!” I turned around and saw Louise by herself in the middle of the stage, dancing away. Nobody seemed to mind!2-20-17-arboretum-4

That afternoon, Louise helped Mike make cookies. We bought an adjustable table for our Super Bowl party and it’s come in handy for things like this! Looking at this picture, I wonder why Louise didn’t wear her apron…2-20-17-baking

By Sunday the girls were pretty restless, and an attempted trip to the park ended in a busted lip and some tears. Mike took the girls to school this morning and said they seemed pretty ready to be back in school. Us too!

It was a fun break and as always, I’m so happy the girls have grandparents they can spend time with.

Celine: 2.11

One more month until we have a three year old! Maybe she’ll be more into taking these photos when she’s three?dsc_0417

Two big things happened this month…Celine is potty-trained, and she now has her big girl bed! The potty training went much more smoothly than with Louise. We tried one weekend, put her in pull-ups for the week at school, tried a second weekend…and then she was in panties at school and that was that. She still has to go #2 in a pull-up, but it’s super easy: she tells us she has to go, we put one on, she goes, we change her, and done. The only…not great…thing is that she has a training potty in her room, and she likes to pull out the bowl and show me that she went potty. Even if I’m in another room. Even if that room is across our house from her bedroom. Even if she spills the contents of the bowl while walking across the house to show me. *sigh*

We’re struggling a bit more with the big girl bed. She sleeps in it and absolutely loves it, so that’s good. The issue is getting her to actually SLEEP at night! Her average bedtime has been around 10:30 and it is negatively affecting everyone. I’m really hoping getting back on a school schedule and not taking marathon afternoon naps will help with this.dsc_0412

Celine is really into clothes now, and typically goes through 4-5 outfit changes per day on the weekends. She’s very opinionated about what she wants to wear – dresses are her #1 choice, always – and has a favorite dress (her “green dress”) that must be clean and available at all times. She frequently puts on her princess dresses as well, and her Rapunzel braid I made out of yarn for her Halloween costume is on its last leg. It’s cute, but she has a lot of clothes in her closet that are neglected!

She can open doors now, which hasn’t really affected anything but thought it was interesting to share. She uses this skill mainly to open her closet door and select a dress to change into.

Louise: 4.9

Just a regular month with a big girl!dsc_0412

She received a glowing review at her parent-teacher conference which was good to hear. It was cool to hear that she is comprehending and speaking in French, since we can’t really monitor that at home. She’s on the cusp of reading and they’re working hard at school to get her there. We’re working on it at home too!dsc_0415

She’s back at the swimming lessons and getting better at it each time, putting her face under water and kicking like a champion. I’m looking forward to warmer weather when we can put her skills to the test!dsc_0420

Celine’s big girl room: inspiration

Now that we are finally ready to transition Celine’s room from a baby room to a kid’s room, I have an idea of how I want it to look. Louise’s room is very colorful – it’s sort of a “bright butterfly” theme with bold patterns in bright pink, yellow, and turquoise. I’m envisioning Celine’s a little more muted and serene, with a dusty blue and pink color scheme and flowers as her main decoration.
The colours in this palette are chosen very good, but they are cold, although it seems very gentle, but at the same time it is quite hard. Cool shade of gr.:

Mrs. Haydel gave us two duvet covers in a dusty blue color which is a good place to start. Here’s my inspiration board – it includes light floral decor, her current gray and white zebra rug, linen fabrics, and wooden accents to warm it up.celine-big-girl-room

I wanted a daybed with a trundle so we could put both girls in Celine’s room if we needed an additional guest bed, and I loved one on Pottery Barn Kids but didn’t pull the trigger because it was crazy expensive and the last thing we bought at PB was delivered damaged TWICE. So we went with another option.

I still have two stumps in our backyard that I need to finish stripping, and I thought it might be a good idea to dip-dye one of them and use as Celine’s nightstand. I like the matte look of the one above which I’m thinking is chalk paint?

I’m trying to get this done before the end of the month (#FebruaryGoals), so hopefully I’ll have a before-after soon!

January/February goals

Although I made some New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to take them month-by-month in hopes that they would be easier to accomplish. Here’s how January went:

  1. Eat better
    1. Success! Just regular calorie counting, not drinking, and a dash of dark chocolate and Halo Top ice cream.
  2. Exercise 3+ times per week
    1. I was running a bit in December but wasn’t super committed. Now that I have a non-running weight-lifting routine, it’s made it easier for me to work out multiple days per week. I worked out between 4 and 5 times per week in January and it felt great! I have a nagging thing happening in my right leg but it’s not too bad…hoping I can just work through it.
  3. Organize our files
    1. Whenever we get important mail that I need to file, I just toss it on top of our filing cabinet. Once a year, I go through, open all of the mail, and sort it to be filed. It’s an annoying task but getting everything filed and out of the way makes the organization-obsessed part of my brain very happy. Plus I found the prescription card I was complaining Expedia never sent me, so…win-win!
  4. Start Celine crafts
    1. I’ve already started planning Celine’s birthday in mid-March, and there were two specific crafts I wanted to do for her party. One was unicorn headbands, and I finished those mid-January (they are really easy!).
  5. Finalize 2016 photo book
    1. I am FAR from completing this goal, but I put a decent dent in it. I think I’m up to Louise’s birthday, so early May.

I’ve made new goals for February:

  1. Exercise 3+ times per week
    1. Still want to keep this going. My friend Carlie had a resolution last year to run a 5K every month, but it got derailed by her second pregnancy. I think I’m going to co-opt that idea – Michael and I ran the Hypnotic Donut Dash last weekend with the girls in our double stroller and it was a good time!1-31-17-donut-dash-21-31-17-donut-dash-31-31-17-donut-dash
  2. Finish Celine birthday crafts
    1. The other craft I wanted to finish for Celine’s party are mini unicorn pinatas – similar to the pinatas I made for Louise’s first birthday party. They’re a little trickier than what I did for Louise’s party but I think they’re going to be ADORABLE.
  3. Finalize 2016 photo book
    1. I really need to get this done so I can move on to my 2017 photo book and stay up to date with Celine’s year 3 and Louise’s year 5 books. It’s hard to motivate myself but I just have to power through!
  4. Girl room updates
    1. Both Louise and Celine’s closets need a cleaning and clothes-organizing. There are piles of clothes and shoes everywhere I need to put in bins or lend to people!
    2. We need to do a couple of little things to Louise’s room: add box springs to her bed, and re-hang her canopy that fell down.
    3. It’s also time for Celine to move to a big-girl bed! She’s been trying to climb out of her crib which her pediatrician says is the harbinger of change. We have a toddler bed but we’re just going to go for the regular bed. I have an idea of how I want the room to look, but I want to see how the bed we’ve selected looks in the room before I pull the trigger on anything else. The good news is we can finally move the sideboard into the dining room!

Celine: 2.10

Celine is in the throes of potty-training and doing a really good job!dsc_0415

At first I thought she was going to be stubborn about it, but she’s responded well to our positive feedback and, although she hasn’t really independently asked/gone on her own, she has minimal accidents and understands it. I’ll take it!dsc_0419

Both Celine and Louise are obsessed with their scooters and go everywhere around the house in them. It’s pretty funny to see them zoom into the kitchen from their bedrooms in the morning for breakfast.dsc_0428

Celine got pink eye in one eye, and then the other, in the past couple of weeks. She’s been so good about her eye drops though, calmly laying down and telling me she’s not going to cry. So brave. 🙂dsc_0425