Family pictures 2017

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PS and GS Winter parties

Louise and Celine both had their school holiday parties on the same day. It’s always a cute little affair: they sing songs in English and French (and Spanish and Chinese for Louise), do a little dance, make a craft, and eat a snack. I also take the opportunity to give the teachers and helpers their Christmas presents.

First up was Celine. img_1236-1img_1254-1img_1255-1


She made a snowman craft and completely ignored her snack, except for the blueberry muffin (from which she picked out all of the blueberries).img_1242-1

I went back in the early afternoon for Louise’s party. I was running 10 minutes late and when I walked in the cafeteria, I saw Louise’s face go from disappointed sadness to elation. Talk about mom guilt…now I know I can’t miss any of these things!img_1256

Louise’s snowman craft was a little more intense to put together and pretty much fell apart as soon as the party was over. Good thing she totally forgot about it.img_1249-1

We’re having an issue with our kids smuggling toys and things in to school every day, and on this day Louise’s piece of contraband was a roll of stickers she received from her Aunts Liz and Katie. She had clearly already communicated her prize to her classmates, because they crowded around her after snack time and stuck out their hands for a sticker. Louise with the POWER…I have to say, she yielded it well.img_1251-1img_1252

It made for a crazy day going to their school twice in one day (plus pickup and dropoff), but they were super cute!

Celine: 3.9

It’s so interesting how different Celine’s personality is from Louise’s.DSC_0696

Celine has gotten into a habit of sneaking and lying to us about various things. Her big campaign is to get a toy in to school every day. She will try to sneak it in her backpack while she thinks we’re not looking, or tuck it under her arm and casually get out of the car. She also opened a Christmas present that was sitting under the tree after lying about bringing it into her bed and hiding it under her covers. She definitely tests limits constantly and does things she knows are wrong with minimal remorse.DSC_0695

On the other hand, she has a solid handle on sarcasm and jokes, she is witty and can play along with something for a long time, and has a fierce love for her family (to the point of possessiveness sometimes – I’ve seen her get upset if she sees Louise making a new friend on the playground). Celine is a passionate girl and she goes all in on her current emotion (sounds like someone else I know…). After a meltdown, she’s surprisingly good at recounting what happened and how she was feeling. And she remembers EVERYTHING!DSC_0690

Holiday fun, part I

We have had a busy December so far, and the back half of the month looks equally as busy! I tried to load up some fun activities for the girls without going overboard, but we also have holiday parties and social get-togethers ahoy.

We kicked off the season by decorating our tree. Someone gave us singing Elsa ornaments which are currently the girls’ favorite.img_0988img_0985

We also hit up our neighborhood’s winter festival. The girls got their faces painted (Louise held strong to “butterfly” even when presented with holiday options) and Celine got to meet the big man. The whole green dress in front of a green screen situation did not work out so well.img_1001img_1002img_1036img_1118img_1005

We wanted to do a carriage ride to look at Christmas lights with our friends, but by the time we got organized, the weekend times were sold out. We decided to try a weeknight, which worked out – except it took all of us forever to get there due to traffic! Once everyone assembled we had a nice time – it was just chilly enough to create holiday ambiance, but not too cold that everyone was miserable. The kids drank hot chocolate, the grownups drank hot toddys (maybe just me), and we had trotted through Highland Park. It was a nice hour of fun with friends!

It was tough to take pictures as we were plodding along…oh well.img_1046-1img_1044-1img_1047img_1048

This past weekend was chock full of activities. First up was Mike’s company holiday party in Ft Worth. Last year we stayed in Ft Worth overnight in a hotel, but this year we decided to Uber out and back. It ended up being about the same price – a little cheaper to Uber – and we were happy to wake up in our own bed the next morning.

The venue was indoor-outdoor and it was quite chilly!img_1063img_1065img_1067img_1068img_1072

Saturday night we had a going-away party for our friends who are moving to Philadelphia. Although we’re so sad to see them go, Mike and I have really enjoyed strengthening our friendships with the DIS parents. We ended up staying at the party until 1:30am, which…is not normal for us. It made for an extremely rough Sunday! (Worth it)img_1112img_1114img_1108img_1111img_1094img_1115img_1116

I had a cookie exchange on Sunday afternoon but could not pull it together and go. I was so bummed – the party is always a good time with some delicious cookies – but the silver lining is now I have lots of Samoas cookies to hand out as gifts!

Mike and I managed to get it together by the evening so we could go to the Thurmans for dinner and a viewing of the Trolls holiday special. It’s always nice to have a low-key Sunday dinner with good friends (and they picked up fajitas from Mariano’s so nobody had to cook…perfecto!). img_1117

The kiddos dutifully watched the 26 minute show and then ended up dressing up in various costumes and riding around the house. I wish we snapped a picture of Celine…she found a hooded knight’s costume and it was pretty hysterical.

Next up: my holiday party, the Arboretum, North Pole Express, and then it’s FAUSAK CHRISTMAS!

Thanksgiving in Nola

As we do every other year, we trekked down to New Orleans for Thanksgiving break. It was a wonderful trip (with great weather), and particularly special to see the girls and Juliette spend quality time together!

Our flight was early on Wednesday morning, so we had a full day of fun once we got in.img_0724img_0732img_0728img_0727img_0740

…followed by restful sleep. Mike and I stayed at a friend’s guest house around the corner because Dom and Ross are staying at Grammy and Grumps’ house while their house is being renovated. It worked out for us in that we weren’t around when our kids woke up, so we actually got restful sleep the whole time we were there!img_0742img_0741

We woke up ready to go for Thanksgiving. Dom and Ross took the girls to get beignets at Morning Call in city park.img_0550img_0721img_1083img_0368img_0797


As they were leaving, they got trapped by the Thanksgiving day 10k race for about an hour. Yikes!img_0503

We changed clothes and got ready for everyone to come over to the house. Photo opp (with a Juliette photo bomb)!img_0745img_0692img_0085

Celine got a little jealous when I took a picture of the Chauvins. She’s working through her feelings.img_1052


The food was delicious!img_0973img_0768img_0056img_0909

We had a little jewelry trunk show after dinner, and Celine scooped up a sweet pair of earrings.img_0892img_0363

Then there was some relaxing…img_0773img_0790img_0791img_0792

A little Go Fish-playing…img_0787

…and we declared Thanksgiving a success and went to bed!

The next morning we did some heavy lounging as we transitioned to Christmas season. We didn’t really do much beyond that.img_0815img_0819

Saturday we went to brunch, had extended park time, and then decorated gingerbread houses while Mike and his dad went to the LSU game.img_0830img_0833img_0834img_0841img_1105

There was also some successful petting of Bud.img_0854img_0853

Sunday was our last day in New Orleans, but we maximized our time with the fam, complete with jaunty Christmas dresses. The earrings made a reappearance along with pink hats as an early Christmas present from Aunt Dom.img_0865img_0858img_0863

Sweet cousins. 🙂img_0868img_0890

Our airport experience and flight home were the easiest they’ve been in a long time, and just like that we were back in Dallas! We love spending time with the Louisiana family.img_0895

Celine: 3.8

Oh Celine. What a lady.DSC_0686

She’s started this habit where she wakes up between 3-4am every morning and comes into our bed. We let her stay for 5-10 minutes and then bring her back to her bed. I don’t know how or why this started, but we’re desperate for it to end!! I can’t remember the last time I had a full, un-interrupted night of sleep.DSC_0683

She’s been sick for the past few days and she has really had a tough time coming back into the real world. She’s thrown epic meltdowns every day coming home from school and has passed out early as well. She was falling asleep at 4pm every day when she was sick so I’m sure it’s hard for her to stay awake at school now that she’s back! She still appreciates a good cuddle though, so I’m glad for that.