Celine: 3.7

Let’s talk about this little booger.DSC_0673

She’s started waking up repeatedly at night, for one of three reasons:

  1. To stand creepily in our room with her hair covering her face until we wake up, see her, and bring her back to her bed
  2. To sneak into our bed and flop around while sleeping until we bring her back to her bed
  3. To sneak into the kitchen and try to steal candy, dessert, butter, salt…anything, really.


She’s also gotten really good at annoying Louise. She knows that if she makes a low, steady squeal while Louise is trying to talk, it drives Louise batty. She also sings enthusiastically at the top of her lungs which Louise can’t stand either. We’re working on coping strategies for the exasperated big sister. =)DSC_0676


Stump, Part II

I FINALLY finished the second of three stumps I nabbed from our neighborhood bulk trash pickup three years ago! I had a vision for one of them to be Celine’s nightstand, with some matte pink chalk paint on the bottom portion of the stump. I procrastinated like crazy in getting the bark off, but with some help from Dr. Haydel, I finally finished that part about 6 months ago. Then I procrastinated on sanding it because my dad kept hinting that maybe I should plane it first – it was pretty off-kilter. When my brother Rusty was in town one weekend, I brought the stump over and asked them to plane it. Rusty is pretty awesome at all things wood-related and my dad already knew how he wanted to plane it.

Once I got the stump back from my parent’s house, I sanded the sides to make it smooth and splinter-free. Then I taped off the bottom third and painted it with some matte pink chalk paint. The chalk paint dried in about 10-20 minutes, so once I finally completed that task, it was ready to deploy.

I found a cute little nightlight at Target and put that on top. Celine took one look at her new stump and nightlight and declared that she was ready to go to bed. WIN!ED025794-88A9-4DF7-A74A-46E9838C33F5F67E1277-7052-4B51-A95F-73F0358D298A93AF8661-9479-41B4-BB88-C39B76B8237C

Nietzsche had to inspect it, however.561EA738-B4FB-4B96-ADBE-22A02CC7332D

September/October goals

September goals:

  1. Clean up and organize my bathroom.
    1. Still haven’t done this…moving to October!
  2. Make a dent in the 2017 photo book.
    1. YES! I finally got a decent amount of pages completed and finalized how I wanted the flow and look of the book to be this year. I’m increasing the physical size of the book and rearranging the order (by activity instead of chronologically) so it took a bit for me to get it off the ground.
  3. Start running again.
    1. Yes. Finished 3.3 out of the five weeks, and then I was in Brazil for work for a week. Need to hop back into it this month while the weather is (hopefully) cooler.
  4. Start figuring out all of the holiday clothes for the girls!
    1. Always happy to have a reason to shop! =)

October goals:

  1. Clean up and organize my bathroom.
  2. Clean out and organize craft/storage closet. Every time I go in there for wrapping paper or to grab a file, I cringe. It’s SO messy. So much so that I already finished this goal. It’s not perfect – I have to wait until Christmas to get a thing to hold all of the wrapping paper because Target doesn’t have them yet and I’ll be damned if I have to go to a different store to get it – but this task is basically complete. We went from this:

    To this! (I might put a metal shelving unit on the right side, but that would be the last thing). The bonus is, every time I organize a closet or room, I find something I’ve been looking for. This time it was two fold-up picnic blankets that have fleece on one side and vinyl on the other. Perfect for our next Arboretum outing!EA922E5E-C8B1-4C09-AF08-8FA32AF1BC05

  3. Finish the stump and put it in Celine’s room. I…actually already did this goal too. My dad and brother planed it, I borrowed my dad’s sander and sanded the sides, and then I slapped some matte chalk paint on it this morning. Luckily chalk paint is the easiest thing to do (barely any prep, only needed one coat, and it dried in maybe 10 minutes?), so I could enlist Michael to carry it into her room!ED025794-88A9-4DF7-A74A-46E9838C33F5
  4. Maintain running schedule. It’s made me feel good to have an actual schedule, and while it’s definitely not easy (it’s a mix of HIIT sessions and long runs), it makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. And – my brother Taylor shared his activity with me forever ago and we both forgot about it, but now we get updates whenever one of us completes a workout or fills all three of our “rings.” It’s a surprising motivator!
  5. Vanity goal alert: I’m getting my first Fotofacial this month and I’m really excited to see how it improves my skin. I’m hoping to make it a regular thing depending on the results!

October at the Arboretum

Our entire family couldn’t wait for the fall season to kick in gear. The morning of October 1st, we were ready to pounce on the pumpkins at the Arboretum! I bought the most adorable Halloween shirts at Boden and this was the perfect opportunity to debut.IMG_0045IMG_0060

We went with the Thurmans and saw a bunch of other people we knew there as well. I guess everyone was as excited as we were!IMG_0079IMG_0081

When Louise and Sawyer spotted each other once we were inside, they sprinted full speed toward each other while shrieking each other’s names. Once they were within 6 inches of each other, they screeched to a halt and just stared at each other. What silly cuties.IMG_0066IMG_0068

The exact moment Louise spotted one of the quinceanera girls.IMG_0074IMG_0097DC09001F-CF50-4191-9265-6C7932ED6C19978F2901-D63D-45C4-9B3F-FE6A7E8B3E9E6104ACD5-CA9C-4CFD-ABBA-A2192297807A

The Arboretum had a Wizard of Oz theme this year and it was very interesting! I like how they mixed it up.

Celine wanted some glamour shots taken of just her…with pumpkins, on the bridge, etc. She would get despondent if I wasn’t ready to take her picture immediately.IMG_010170019173-B520-4A04-AFDB-7913915B62A2A985B716-2635-490D-B709-76E4690C01C8A725804D-D00E-4948-8018-768984DD88BCE77C0CD9-E789-4E6A-A29A-09C323F09E3A

Afterward, we let them run around in the ampitheater area. A show started with women and men hula hooping…it was quite interesting to watch. All in all, a fun morning with friends!51D4765B-F9B8-4BD4-9F03-A44537FABA4D

Celine: 3.6

Well…I haven’t been the most on top of these photos. The past few months I’ve taken her picture riiiiight before the next month is supposed to be shot. My only excuse is that the chair is now in our garage so it’s slightly more difficult to actually take the photo. But without Louise taking her monthly picture as well, mainly it’s just that I’m lazy.DSC_0647

She has been so hysterical lately. She has a sharp sense of humor and uses it frequently with us. She also starts sentences without knowing all of the words she needs, so she’ll look at us and gesture faintly while we guess what word she needs. “Mom, where’s my…my…my…” “Uh, pink dress?” “NO! My…my…my…” and so on.

August/September goals

August goals:

  1. Drink more water.
    1. Yuppers
  2. Scan in Louise’s art that I don’t want to keep but want to remember.
    1. Done
  3. Get on a more consistent schedule with working out. I’ve been doing ok but it’s pretty random. Hopefully after Montana I can normalize.
    1. Meh
  4. Finish the cloud storage for photos and delete from my computer. (Very stressful…deleting 9k+ photos from my computer!! But I desperately need the memory).
    1. Complete

September goals:

  1. Clean up and organize my bathroom. Too many cosmetic boxes, old costume jewelry, and perfume I’ll never wear!
  2. Make a dent in the 2017 photo book. I need to get a move on as we head into busy season.
  3. Start running again. The weather’s been surprisingly mild, and I have this really old HIIT regimen I tore out of a Women’s Health magazine that is a 5-week program. I’ve been doing it for the past two weeks – it really helps me to have a plan!
  4. Start figuring out all of the holiday clothes for the girls! Between pumpkin patches, holiday photos, Christmas activities, and various parties…there are a lot of outfits to coordinate!

First day of school: GS and PS

Another first in the books! Louise is starting kindergarten (I may have teared up after dropping her off), and Celine is in the 3’s program.

Obligatory first-day-of-school-in-front-of-the-door picture:img_9676img_9677

Party time!

Mike and I both went to the school to see them off.img_9690

Celine’s backpack was way smaller than I thought it was going to be when I bought it online – it’s so small, her lunch box doesn’t fit inside! Oh well…there’s no going back to the owl backpack. This mermaid option is just too cool.

I wanted Louise to have a rolling backpack this year (mainly because I get tired of carrying it), and after seeing everyone the first few days, the majority of other parents had the same idea. It also seems like unicorns are the au courant backpack pattern – I spotted three others just in Louise’s class!

This was the first year they both happily posed with the tiger. Celine even greeted him and said goodbye.img_9693

Celine had a moment of being overwhelmed when we walked into her new classroom and stood at the door with her bottom lip tucked for about two minutes. Then I asked if she wanted to color with the pink crayon and that snapped her out of it. She happily said goodbye to me and got to work!img_9695

Louise was the surprise this year. She was happy and confident all the way until we got to the door of her room, and then she panicked and didn’t want to go in. She kept saying she was too shy. Finally we (gently) muscled her in and left. She was a happy camper when we picked her up, saying she already made a new best friend (for the record, she now has five).

All went well! Here’s to a great year!